Latitude 53


 Exhibition Archive


The Latitude Invitational

Brandon A. Dalmer | Persistence of Vision

Jeremy Pavka and Sean Procyk | Knock on Wood

Violet Costello | Getting Big

Visualeyez 2017 | Awkwardness

Osvaldo Ramirez Castillo | Catastrophe, Memory, Reconciliation

Kale Vandenbroek | Autospect

Dayna Danger | Big ‘Uns

Trumpet | Presented by Visual Arts Alberta – CARFAC

Danièle Dennis and Shantel Miller | Skin Glowing in the Moonlight

Shanell Papp | Based on a True Story

Sheltered + Exposed | Presented by MADE


Nadine Bariteau | Au Revoir

Tony Stallard | Ghost Dance

Game Start | Organized by Kelsey Prud’homme

Visualeyez 2016 | Kindness

Lee Henderson | Palliative Care

Joani Tremblay | Landscape Gaze and Breezy Erudition, and What About Formal Freedom?

Incubator Series 2016

Kegan McFadden | Exuberant Intimacy

VARIATIONS | Canadian moving image & sound artists interpret a 1957 poem by Michael Snow

Kyler Zeleny & Yanina Shevchenko | Georgia Georgia

Gilding | Emily MacDonald and Tegan Bowers; Leila Plouffe and Jacob Dutton

Taras Polataiko | War. 11 portraits

Paul Bernhardt | The Reflex

Marie-Andrée Houde | Tapestry

Lisa Jones | The Menagerie


Shan Kelley | Clean, Fit, and Decease Free

Lisa Turner | Win, Place, and Show

Sarah Burwash | Sweet Smelling Ashes

Willa Downing | Intersecting Sets

Sally Raab | Flutter

Visualeyez 2015 | Expanding and Collapsing

Amanda Dawn Christie | Off Route 2

Roselina Hung & Mary Porter | A Conversation

Incubator 2015

Dominique Sirois | Alarm Songs: Leisure Machine

Campbell Wallace | Party Paintings

José Luis Torres | Mutations

Dubious Translations | Kyle Terrence, Andrew Israelsen, and Alex Linfield

Stephen G.A. Mueller | Starting Over

Holly de Moissac | farsighted


Jing Yuan Huang | Confucius City

Madhi Neamah | Rhythms Humanitarian

Visualeyez 2014 | Movement

Charles-Antoine Blais Métivier and Serge-Olivier Rondeau | After Faceb00k

Sheri Barclay | Hosers in Cuba

Incubator 2014

Our Day Will Come | Initiated by Paul O’Neill

Insoon Ha | Monology & Face

Natalie McDonald | Feast

Blown Up | Wafaa Bilal, Harun Farocki and Mohammed Mohsen

Jennifer Tellier & Brittney Bear-Hat | OURS

Tammy Salzl & Emily Jan | Falling through the mirror

Amber-Jane Grove | 900: Drawing with the Brain

WE | Curated by Matthew Mark Bourree & Yvonne Mullock

This is Our Land: Tarzan & Arab | Curated by Kelty Pelechytik


Chuck Samuels | Before Photography

Shyra De Souza | Phantom Limb

Christophe Jivraj | Les Corps

Brooke Leifso | Unraveling the dis/abled

Kristen Keegan | Elsewhere

Visualeyez 2013 | Vulnerability

Megan Morman | Art Party

Sydney Lancaster and Marian Switzer | York

Incubator 2013

Kyle Whitehead | Circles of Confusion

Megan Dickie | Flips Folly

Resophonic City | Mark Templeton & Nicola Ratti, with Leanne Olson


Aimée Henny Brown | How The West Was Won

Kent Tate | Circumstances with some Earth & Sky

Visualeyez 2012 | Loneliness

Jorden Blue and David Doody | And All The Queen's Men

Blake Betteridge | Surrealist Gestures

Incubator 2012

I Have This Dream | Turner Prize* and Craig Francis Power

The Flood | Sergio Serrano & Alexander Stewart

Andrew Forster

Lindsey Bond | Messages To: The Edmonton Remand Centre Newspaper

Ian Forbes | The Big Foldy Painting of Death

Yusuke Shibata | Monotone Voice

Unstable Natures | Curated by Alysha Creighton, Tessa Hawkins, and Andrea Kastner

Korapin Chaotakoongite | Anusawaree (Monuments)

Emanuel Licha | Striking a Pose

Nicole Rayburn | Pollination Proposition


Maria Whiteman | Taxonomia

Karen Zalamea | Working Order

Andrea Williamson | The Open Crowd

Margaret Dragu & Freya Björg Olafson | FOMD Laboratory: Embodied Projections

Visualeyez 2011 | Worship

Jason de Haan | Future Future Age(s)

Saturday Mornings, The Diner | Sarah Fuller, Lindsay MacDonald and Lia Rogers

Incubator 2011

Spaces&Places | VisioningMcLuhan@100

Barbara Prokop | VITULAZIO

Where Are We Going? | Curated by Gabe Wong

Daniel Evans | Sanctuary

Noxious Sector | Of Brains and Magnets

Jinzhe Cui | When Dreams Lighten the Reality

Mathieu Valade | Cubic Units

Lisa Rezansoff | New Prints

Gary James Joynes / Clinker | Frequency Painting: 12 Tones

Brandon A. Dalmer | Too Drunk to Fuck


Kristi Malakoff | Blazzamo

Andrew Buszchak | To Main Street

Visualeyez 2010 | FOOD

Jonas St. Michael | Gore, Quebec and Members Only

Not Another Fucking Landscape

The National Portrait Gallery

Jody MacDonald | Will The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?

Prevalent Assembly | Paintings By Patrick Higgins

Brenda Draney | Hold Still

Patrick J. Reed | Wadcutter

Gabriel Coutu-Dumont | Sketches of Synchronicity

Stacey Cann | Forgotten Love Affairs


Peter Kingstone | 100 Stories about my Grandmother 

Sean Montgomery | Crooked Head

Robyn Cummings | Lady Things

Scott McKay | A Countless Dream

Jon Sasaki | Some Abashed Optimism

Adrien Koleric | Herd

Daryl Vocat | The Secret of the Midnight Shadow

Dana Holst | Prey

Thomas Kneubühler | Trespass Act

J. Stanton | Art Paraphernalia for a Modern World

Visualeyez 2009 | Water

Chris Reid | Dazed & Amused

Kristen Hutchinson | From Sky to Ground: Fragmented Landscapes

Keith Murray | And the People Bowed and Prayed

Shane Golby | Signs of Desire


Sonic Cubes | Catherine Bechard and Sabin Hudon

Megann Christensen | Land Re:Production

C.W Carson | Stories from the Inner City

Stephen Wiebe | Antecedents

Judy Freya Sibayan | My Life as a Museum

Judy Cheung | Mind of a City

Corissa O'Donnell | Fancy

Rock City/ Dirt City | Raymond Biesinger, Penny Jo Buckner, Blair Brennan, Paul James Coutts, Fish Griwkowsky, Andrea Lefebvre

Flutura & Besnik Haxhillari | Design for a Dialogue

Rebekah Miller | Building My House

Wayne Yung | 1000 Flowers

Travis McEwen | I Bet They Can Tell Just By Looking


S.B Edwards | I love the shitty

Stephen Fisher | No (such) Place

David Cantine | Black and White Thinking

Natalie Danchuk | Here They Are

Elvira Santamaria

Candy Mountain | Mindy Yan Miller, Catherine Bodmer, Susie Major

Ania Trzecieski | The Valley of Search

Edmonton Crash Pad | Curated by Sheri Barclay 

Morning Light | Tim Rechner and Craig Talbot

Jeremy Drummond | Everybody Knows This is Nowhere

Joel Rhein | Modern Life

Queer Territories | Lane Robert Mandlis, Amber Hawk Swanson, Johannes Zits

Alphabet Boys | Words by Emma Hooper, Pictures by Jeff Kulak


Raymond Biesinger | Two Tones Are Better Than One/ Night Danger

Danger Will Robinson | Garnet Hertz, Peter Flemming, Lynn Richardson Denton Fredrickson


Nancy Nisbit | Exchange

Andrea E. Lefebvre | A Collection of Paintings Made From the Daytimer of A Very Busy Lady

David Khang | Bleeding Book

Tammy Salzl | Contingencies

Tony Baker | The Expanse

Kyle Beal | Standing Up for Nothing

James Prior | Family Fable: Masculine Interpretations in a post- Feminist Eras

Robert Harpin | The Honky Arts Association Presents Robert Harpin

Patricia Reed | Estranged Proximities

Tara Nicholson | Commonspace


Dean Smale | Silence

Paul Smith | Containers & Content

Tim Dallett | Flowchart

Riley Broderick | Raw

The Alberta Wildlife Show

Campbell Wallace | Distants

Steve Heimbecker | POD and Wind Array Cascade Machine

Katarzyna Vedah | JO What do You Mean, I’m Ambivalent?

Jane Irwin | Her Life Was Saved by Rock & Roll

Madeleine Sauve | Works In Paper

Kara Uzelman | You Look Like You Where As I Tend To Look Like Me

Joanne Lyons | Spectre

Megan Wilson | The Clothes Project


Loren Spector | Sectronic Esperanto

Richard Boulet | Exuberant Notions

Briar Craig | RePlay

Fresh | Jana Hargarten, Tim Rechner, Hri Neil, Gabriella Rosende, Jenika Sobolewska

James Kwong | In Between

Jeff Nachtigall | Eden

Penny Jo Buckner | Nosebleeds

Critical Home Video

Launch Pad | Curated by Laura Kozak

Jeka Arnold | Surfaces

The Great Dog Race | Curated by Leanne L’Hirondelle & Louis Ogemah

Alan Reed | City Poems


Drawing Resistance: A Travelling Political Art Show

FLOW | Elastic Group of Artistic Research

Shelly Rothenburger | The I Accept Myself Series

Marcia Adzich | Above and Below

Christine Comeau | Inexact Visions

Judy Cheung | Love is in the Air

Jeremy Isao Speier | Kinetics

Gillian Collyer | Dollies

Elinor Whidden | BLU-97 bomblets

Praying Hands


Luis Jacobs | Collapsing New Buildings

Majan Eggermont | September 14, 2002; Edmonton homeless count: 1160

Probe | Jewel Goodwyn and Andrew Harwood

Daniel Robinson | The Doctoredmentary Project

New Geographers | Curated by Isabela C. Varela

Kris Lindskoog | Million Dollar Mountain Man

Marcel Dzama | Even More Famous Drawings

Kathryn Burns | mind behind academic perceives in spite of sound

Richard Smolinski | Famished (or clan-destined behavior)

The Cobras (Heartless Art Thugs) | Guilt By Association

Milutin Gubash | Playing Possum

Pat DiMarcello | Peripheral Visions

Myopic 10 | Curated by Donna Wawzonek

Riikka Jokiaho | Goose bumps: dolls in the t-shirt world