Latitude 53


Bridging Encounters | Work by Current Students at the University of Alberta

January 8 – January 30, 2016

Bridging Encounters 1.jpg

Featured Artists: Ryan Andrade, Melissa Cayford, Jacob Dutton, Jessa Gillespie, Ashna Jacob, Lindsay Kirker, Alex Linfield, Michael McInnis, Michelle Paterok

Created by Mitchell Chalifoux with curators Brittany Ball-Snellen, Liuba González de Armas, and Caitlin Burt

Bridging encounters is the meeting point of curators and artists, from the University of Alberta, with the intent of creating an exhibition through collaboration. This exhibition promotes the engagement between student artists, curators and the Edmonton visual arts community by placing its location within the thriving community of Latitude 53. These works examine specific social aspects, tackled by the artists and curators, to investigate the social forces that impact them individually and as a community of emerging creatives. Each work relates to different aspects, emphasizing their own personal connections to and critiques of contemporary society. Prompted by themes of relationality, social engagement, discursion and dialogue, these artists responded to a call for the conversation of bridging groups between barriers through artistic practice.

Mitchell Chalifoux was afforded the opportunity to head this project and create its framework through the support of Caitlin Wells, Sean Caulfield, the University of Alberta Art and Design Department, and Latitude 53.