Latitude 53

Programming submissions

Programming submissions

Anne-F Jacques | work from  Les Transformables (V)  | 2018

Anne-F Jacques | work from Les Transformables (V) | 2018

Founded in 1973 by a collective of Edmonton artists, Latitude 53 is one of Canada’s oldest artist-run centres dedicated to providing a non-coercive environment to assure the freedom of the artist, and give the public access to new art forms. Latitude 53 supports the research and development of new artistic practices and concepts, and encourages experimentation by artists through diverse programming.

Latitude 53’s programming includes two Main Space galleries as well as The Garage, a space dedicated to new work by emerging local artists. In both of these models, Latitude 53 provides installation assistance, promotion, documentation, as well as professional compensation for artists in accordance to the expectations set by CAR/FAC.

Latitude 53 accepts programming submissions from artists and curators on an ongoing basis. Submissions are kept on record for a period of one year for consideration by Latitude 53 staff, the Program Advisory Committee, and/or guest curators. Submissions may lead to studio visits or meetings,  when staff or curators judge to be appropriate. Please note that only a portion of Latitude 53’s programming is comprised of proposals selected from open submissions, and due to a high level of interest, this process is highly competitive. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer individual feedback on projects that are not selected at this time.

For reference, please download our building Floor Plan.


Proposal requirements

  • Project description

  • Artist or Curatorial statement

  • Curriculum Vitae (4 pages maximum)

  • 10 images of current or proposed work

  • Video or Audio work as links (for sound or time-based submissions)

  • Image list (including title, medium, date, and size)

  • Contact information


Please include all written material as a single PDF file, and send submissions by email only to with “Programming Submission” in the subject line. Please ensure that attachments total to less than 10MB; for for time-based, video, or intermedia work please provide a link via a service such as DropBox or Vimeo.

You will receive an acknowledgement of your submission.

We do not accept submissions by mail.