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Charles-Antoine Blais Métivier and Serge-Olivier Rondeau | After Faceb00k

July 31 – September 6, 2014

Charles-Antoine Blais Metivier & Serge-Olivier Rondeau 1.jpg

These Montréal artists investigate how we make identities in a post-internet world. After Faceb00k is built around a collection of images straight from the social networking site that implicates the gallery and its community directly in mentions, friends and visitors, and interaction. In each of its exhibitions since being first realized in Montreal, the work has developed in new ways. After Faceb00k is a site-specific project that explores the context of the gallery as a part of community. The artists treat Facebook as a territory, a space for wandering, and find evidence for the developing ways that photography and privacy interact in our emotional relationships.

Presented with the support of RED The Agency.

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