Latitude 53



June 9 – September 1, 2015

Incubator 1.jpg

Opening each week: Celebrate each artist at Patio

This year, we're excited to launch our Incubator series once more alongside our Summer Patio season. Over the summer, our artists—including Cindy Couldwell, Carmyn Effa, Deann Stein Hasinoff, Cory Johnn, Addison Finch, Emmanuel Osahor, Reza Rezai, Paul Swanson, and Jeremy Tsang—will be showing their photo-based work in an experimental, collaborative exhibition. Each week, an artist will be adding their work and altering the space as it already exists. As we see the gallery each week—especially at Patio every Thursday—the space will change slowly from the actions of these Edmonton artists.

Artist Schedule:

• 9 June – Jeremy Tsang

• 16 June – Cindy Couldwell

• 23 June – Emmanuel Osahor

• 30 June – Paul Swanson

• 7 July – Carmyn Joy Effa

• 14 July – Cory Johnn

• 21 July – Addison Finch

• 28 July – Deann Stein Hasinoff

• 3 August – Reza Rezai