Latitude 53 Contemporary Visual Culture


Upcoming Events

Visualeyez 2017: Awkwardness
September 26 - October 1, 2017

The 17th edition of Visualeyez will focus on the curatorial theme of awkwardness. The performance art festival will feature local and international artists. Watch for the full schedule to be released.

October Exhibitions

We are between exhibitions, so there is no current exhibition up in the gallery. But watch for two new exhibitions starting October 6.
Calgary artist Violet Costello will present her exhibition "getting big." Costello presents a collection of paper composite toddlers, presented with humour and a sense of strangeness. The installation presents surreal children, cartoon figures and animals in absurd dreamlike worlds.
Artists Jeremy Pavka and Sean Procyk present a collaborative exhibition titled "knock on wood." The exhibition uses sound, video and sculpture to examine human processes in disturbance of the land. Through multi-sensory works, the artists explore inconsistencies in how we perceive land in a capital-driven North America.

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