Latitude 53


Schmoozy Ticket.jpg

This year, Schmoozy takes inspiration from the infamous Surrealist Ball, thrown by Marie-Hélène de Rothschild in 1972, and will be an evening of art, costumes and performance where unexpected encounters occur.

Doors open 8pm

Auction and Performances 9pm - midnight

All proceeds raised at Schmoozy go towards supporting Latitude 53’s upcoming programming, and allow the organization to continue to support artists who push the boundaries of contemporary art and provide a space for artists to take risks.

Advance tickets for Schmoozy are available now ($50), and include general membership to Latitude 53. Tickets are available online, by phone (780.423.5353), or at the gallery.

Alternatively, become a Patron Member of Latitude 53 today ($500), and receive 2 tickets to Schmoozy, as well as copies of in-house produced exhibition catalogues for the coming year, as well as past catalogues for Alana Bartol and Bridget Moser.