Confucius City

Jing Yuan Huang: Classroom on Culture Reflection—Confucius City Edmonton Project

In the Main Space, November 21–January 17

Opening reception: Friday, November 21 at 7:00 pm

The Confucius Institutes are run by the Chinese government and operate within other educational institutions around the world, offering education in Chinese culture from a specific point of view. In the Confucius City Project, Jing Yuan Huang inverts the point of view presented in a fictional classroom, offering a narrative that foregrounds its distortions and emphasizes the discourse that the Chinese State minimizes. Through the installation of text, images, and the classroom itself, the exhibition is at once a familiar cultural and educational space and a strange one.

Read the exhibition essay by Jessie Beier.

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Special thanks to Victoria School for providing desks for the installation.


Madhi Neamah: Rhythms Humanitarian

In the ProjEx Room, November 21–January 17

Opening reception: Friday, November 21 at 7:00 pm

This winter, Latitude 53 presents the first Edmonton show of Iraqi painter Madhi Neamah.

Neamah came to Edmonton in 2011 and received the Edmonton Arts Council Cultural Diversity in the Arts award in 2013, after having worked and taught in Iraq and Libya for years. The paintings in Rhythms Humanitarian deal with the legacy of surrealism and the landscape.

Before immigrating to Canada, Neamah’s work was recognized at Baghdad’s Centre for the Arts, and shown around the Middle East and Europe. In his painting, Neamah delves into the history of painting, but has been particularly interested in exploring the natural world of Edmonton and the region.

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