After Faceb00k

After Faceb00k

Charles-Antoine Blais Métivier and Serge-Olivier Rondeau

July 31–September 6 in the Main Space

These Montréal artists investigate how we make identities in a post-internet world. After Faceb00k is built around a collection of images straight from the social networking site that implicates the gallery and its community directly in mentions, friends and visitors, and interaction. In each of its exhibitions since being first realized in Montreal, the work has developed in new ways. After Faceb00k is a site-specific project that explores the context of the gallery as a part of community. The artists treat Facebook as a territory, a space for wandering, and find evidence for the developing ways that photography and privacy interact in our emotional relationships.

Presented with the support of RED The Agency.

Sheri Barclay: Hosers in Cuba

Hosers in Cuba

July 31–September 6 in the ProjEx Room

Sheri Barclay went to Sancti Spiritus in Cuba with Solidarity Rock: an artist-run cultural exchange between the music scenes in Cuba and Edmonton. Her photographs are of a time of change within Cuba, as speculation continues to develop about the future of the island after Fidel Castro, and in particular on increasing cultural influences from outside, and the sometimes uncomfortable power dynamic of visiting from the wealthier parts of the Americas. But her images are taken from the point of view of an artist invested in local punk connections, music and DIY culture.


June 24–September 6 in the Community Gallery

Incubator is Latitude 53’s annual look into what’s going on in our artistic community. Over the summer, we invite artists working in Edmonton to show their current projects, to discover new chances for collaboration, and to interact with new audiences at our weekly Patio parties, Thursdays 5–9, which bring together our membership of artists and art lovers with guests from Edmonton’s downtown, and other local organizations and businesses.

This year, Incubator is about collaboration, and challenging artists to feed off of one another to create something new. We’ve invited creators working in design as well as the art-gallery world to make five exhibitions together, bridging the disciplines and the generations in biweekly shows. Incubator is a rare look into the creative process of some of Edmonton’s most interesting makers, a glimpse at artists developing ideas and trust in one another.

Eleanor Lazare & Zach Ayotte

Image: Eleanor Lazare

  • 24 June–5 July: Eleanor Lazare & Zachary Ayotte

  • 7-19 July: Robyn Stuart & Matt Whitson

  • 22 July–2 August: Hailley Honcharik & Bob Iveson

  • 5-16 August: Chris Camp & Royden Mills

  • 18 August–6 September: Erin Elizabeth Ross & Jesse Sherburne


Our Day WIll Come

Our Day Will Come

Initiated by Paul O’Neill – A project in the form of a Free School

Four week-long sessions this year, starting in July

In the form of a free school—a participatory, decentralized space for learning and sharing knowledge—this collaborative off-site project will create a space for becoming in Edmonton’s rapidly changing East downtown. New York-based, Irish artist-curator Paul O’Neill challenges ideas of curation and education in his work, and here he invites a roster of artists, locals, visitors, and others to create and reexamine their practices through workshops, school dinners, classes, radio broadcasts, lectures, and dances.

Zine Launch: Thursday 31 July at Patio, 5–9 pm

Read More about Our Day Will Come

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