Figure As Index

February 23 - March 31, 2018

Latitude 53 is pleased to welcome Winnipeg based artist, Luther Konadu. Konadu’s work Figure As Index focuses on the way objective visual documentation ostensibly formulates public perception, particularly that which surrounds collective identities and historic record in relation to the black body. In his work Konadu observes that history has always been told by its victors, making our understanding of the past limited and one sided. Using the tradition and legacy of documentary photography Konadu creates an alternate past to imagine a different future of self—as it relates to a social communal context.

Opening Reception is February 23 7-10pm, free to Latitude members and guests.

Luther Konadu will be giving an artist walk through February 23 at 6pm.

To read the critical essay by Noor Bhangu go here.



February 23 - March 31, 2018

Bear Hat continues the study of her background, especially questioning what is “hers” and the meaning of traditions within her indigenous culture. Posing an oil worker against landscape of Pink Mountain in large scale prints and objects, Bear Hat weaves together both sides of what she understands of the differences between living off the land and living from the land. This exhibition is part of Change for Climate—Art from Change, in conjunction with the 2018 Cities and Climate Change Science Conference, in Edmonton from March 5–7. This free series explores the potential of visual art to inspire climate change awareness.

Opening Reception is March 1st 7-10pm, free to Latitude members and guests.

Read Julie-Ann Mercer's critical essay about this exhibition here


Persistence of Vision

December 8, 2017 - January 20, 2018

Latitude 53 is pleased to welcome back Brandon A. Dalmer and his new work: Persistence of Vision. Inspired by syzygy, cosmic alignments, hoaxes, and Philip K Dicks’s fictional future religious practice of Mercerism, Dalmer’s monolithic octagon houses an immersive installation of audio, video loops, and lighting. Over a 108-minute orbital cycle, viewers can enter the capsule inspired by the pre-film Kaiser-Panorama stereoscopic animations and use the digital controls to experiment on images of asteroids falling endlessly towards virtual earths.

Opening Reception December 8, 7-10pm, free to Latitude members and guests.

The opening reception for this work is generously supported by Barber Ha.

Read Shama Rangwala's critical essay about Persistence of Vision here


The Latitude Invitational

December 8, 2017 - January 20, 2018

Latitude 53 takes a second annual pause from artist-submission driven programming to invite a group of artists from our Edmonton community to exhibit individual works. This year, we invite artists who are trying out new directions in their practices, and navigating different ways of working between their past practices and digital presentation. With: Devon Beggs, Alex Keays, Isabelle Kuzio, Gabriel Esteban Molina, Haley Pukanski & Maria Burkinshaw, Borys Tarasenko, and Daniel Toumine.

2018 Upcoming Exhibitions

Les Transformables (V)
Curated by Eric Mattson
13 April - 26 May

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