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Nadine Bariteau

Nadine Bariteau – Au Revoir

December 9, 2016–January 28, 2017, in the Main Space

Opening Reception: Friday December 9 at 7 pm, for members and guests

Nadine Bariteau’s lighthouse-like structure is lit by a single pulsing bulb, and in the flickering light the words “Au Revoir” repeat endlessly in glowing prints of her and written text. In the snowy winter landscape, she stands in the wind as it carries these words away. Bariteau’s practice draws a metaphor from water and allegories of landscapes for passing time and things that come and slip away.

Produced under the auspices of the Nick Novak Fellowship at Open Studio. The artist wishes to recognize Toronto Arts Council for their support and the Ontario Arts Council for an exhibition assistantship grant.

Read the exhibition essay by Morgan Melenka

The Fine Art of Schmoozy

The Fine Art of Schmoozy

Saturday, November 19; 8:00 pm–late

Tickets available for Latitude 53 members

This year the Fine Art of Schmoozy is presented in monochrome. Explore the hues, tints and shades of a single colour and come celebrate and support Latitude 53 as one. Join us for an evening among friends, art, music and good spirits.

Ghost Dance, Tony Stallard

Tony Stallard – Ghost Dance

October 7–November 13, 2016, in the Main Space

Opening Reception: Friday October 7 at 7 pm, for members and guests

“It was written I should be loyal to the nightmare of my choice.”
― Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness

In Sand, Neon, Lead, and video, British sculptor Tony Stallard’s new work addresses the nature of cultural history and how we examine it in historical contexts or museums, questioning the contemporary mythologies of our places. Stallard’s work with light has led him from one Northern place to another, and speaks particularly to Canada’s northern cities as the nights grow longer.

Read the exhibition essay by T.J. MacLachlan

Game Start

Game Start

Organized by Kelsey Prud’homme

October 7–November 13, 2016, in the ProjEx Room

Opening Reception: Friday October 7 at 7 pm, for members and guests

Game Start brings a community of collaborators into the gallery with experimental games—creating connections between technical communities and visual arts practices in Edmonton. Prud’homme connected interdisciplinary teams to create an ambitious new set of installations using the game cabinet as a springboard for an experimental workshop process. The works by this Edmonton ad-hoc collective explore the act of participation within unusual stagings as a vehicle for disarming experiences and self-reflection

With: Lexie Bartlett, Adam Bignell, Joey da Costa, Miguel da Costa, Deanna Dombrowski, Simon Fessehaye, Wyatt Fleming, Sabrina Gannon, Logan Gilmour, Alexa Guse, Jessica Hong, LeeAnne Johnston, Lisa Jones, Aaron Krebs, Simone Kousol-Graham, Dayna Lacoursiere, Maud Madsen, Alex Makepeace, Daria Nordell, Kelsey Prud’homme, Matt Satchwill, Josh Smith, Chris Szott, Kristin Warren, and Mickael Zerihoun.

Game Start is supported in part by:

Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists

Yoga as Healing Portrait Series

October 21–November 5 in the Community Gallery

Presented by Tyler Baker Photography & Cecilia Ferreyra

These portraits are intended both as a celebration and a homage to the healings aspects of yoga. The personal healing stories that are captured in these portraits speak to real experiences with yoga in the context of challenging life circumstances, including addiction, emotional trauma, injury and illness. It is our hope that these beautifully bold and vulnerable images make a contribution to, and expand the prevailing North American paradigm about, yoga as merely a fitness-oriented activity for the body conscious.


Visualeyez 2016: Kindness

Canada's annual festival of performance art, September 19–25

Find out more at

Latitude 53 is pleased to announce the festival line-up for Visualeyez 2016: Kindness, with: Christine Brault (QC), Chun Hua Catherine Dong (QC), Linda Rae Dornan (NB), Alexandria Inkster (AB), and Johannes Zits (ON).

This year’s Visualeyez festival, taking place in and around Latitude 53 in downtown Edmonton, September 19–24, brings together five artists to explore the theme “Kindness”. Curated by Todd Janes, this year’s festival emphasizes personal exchanges of care and self-care, and the material traces these leave behind. The festival’s week-long scope includes a space for collaborative development by the artists, followed by three celebratory days of public performance over the weekend of September 22–24.

This year’s performances include both staged, public actions, and one-on-one gestures, as well as longer process works that develop over the festival, becoming visible during the final weekend.

Within kindness is the belief in generosity and reciprocity, where artists will extend out offers, seeking little personal benefit except the willingness to exchange moments. Both Alexandria Inkster and Christine Brault will perform publicly, meeting passersby in fleeting intimate moments. Inkster folds paper into a gift as long as eye contact with another is maintained while Brault washes participants hands and uses the water to write their name manifesting the rituals of care. Linda Rae Dornan will also work throughout the week re-animating found objects during regular walks with participants, bringing value and narratives to disregarded objects—creating a kind of installation, echoed in that constructed by Johannes Zits in the gallery for his durational performance.

As always, Visualeyez provides multiple points of entry for audiences, welcoming members of Latitude 53’s community to discuss the artists work over the festival, participate in one-on-one performances, and watch staged performances together. Visualeyez also includes an important online component, as the Festival Animator records the events in writing and uses the blog platform at to expose the festival to audiences who cannot view it firsthand—and deepen the experience for those who can.


Lee Henderson – Palliative Care

August 4–September 10, 2016, in the Main Space
Opening reception for members and guests on the Patio on August 4, 5-9 PM

“Death,” “dies,” “funeral”, “vendetta,” “saint”. In Lee Henderson’s collaged video loop, the characters of TV’s The Golden Girls speak often, and only, of death. This loop is a rediscovery of a cultural touchstone that takes aging as its central subject, experienced from a chaise-langue in a warm, rosy simulation of Floridian summer.

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Read the exhibition essay by Alison Cooley, or pick up a copy at the gallery

This exhibition is supported by:



Joani Tremblay – Landscape Gaze and Breezy Erudition, and What About Formal Freedom?

August 4–September 10, 2016, in the ProjEx Room
Opening reception for members and guests on the Patio on August 4, 5-9 PM

Tremblay creates large format site-related works on paper to explore the idea of geographical landscapes acting on the emotions and behavior of individuals. Through research, documentation, and collection, Tremblay visited European sites and reconstructed them as images that offer a possibility of losing oneself in nonexistent abstract locations.

View posts about Tremblay's work on the Latitude 53 blog

This exhibition is supported by:
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Incubator Series 2016

In the Community Gallery, June 16-August 25, 2016

From gallery to member’s café, Latitude 53’s Community Gallery and Patio will evolve this season through the design process and progress by Edmonton artists and industrial designers. Responding to the environment and context, as well as audience participation and feedback, these creatives will develop a physical space of exchanges where the community can gather and connect. This hub of innovative and experimental interfaces will provide generative conversations with a cup of good coffee.

Follow the progress of Incubator on our blog.


Kegan McFadden – Exuberant Intimacy

In the Main Space, June 23–July 29, 2016|
Opening reception on the Patio: Thursday June 23 at 5:00 pm, for members and guests

In a synthesis of print, text, and found materials, Kegan McFadden builds a history through his relationships with six men. From a wayward garden of pansies to a misshapen memorial quilt and a wall of 2000 Instagram snaps, these installations document a self-portrait of a life-long developing queerness, and make a case for public recognition over personal secrecy.

Read the exhibition essay by Letch Kinloch

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Canadian moving image & sound artists interpret a 1957 poem by Michael Snow

In the ProjEx Room, June 23–July 30, 2016

Opening Reception on the Patio: Thursday June 23 at 5:00 pm, for members and guests

Evangeline Belzile & Ian William Craig, Stephen Broomer & Stuart Broomer, Kyle Armstrong & Mark Templeton, Dan Browne & Steve Richman, Mani Mazinani, Christine Lucy Latimer, Clint Enns, and John Price, curated by Mark Templeton

Mark Templeton invited Canadian moving-image and sound artists to join him an exploration of nonlinear pasts, returning to a 1957 poem by Canadian artist Michael Snow. Around a silent film portrait of Snow by John Price, the other artists use the poem as a jumping-off point for experiments in sound and image, full of cyclical analog degradation capturing the poems’s fleeting moments, the slightest instant of time sliced in two.

The collection will be released as a DVD and essay on Templeton’s GRAPHICAL RECORDINGS at the opening reception.

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Georgia Georgia

Georgia Georgia – Kyler Zeleny & Yanina Shevchenko

May 13–June 18 in the Main Space

Opening Reception: Friday May 13 at 7:00 pm, for members and guests

Walking photography workshop: Saturday May 14 at 1:30 pm—Pre-registration

Kyler Zeleny and Yanina Shevchenko’s playful transatlantic project is a photographic typology that begins with simple word-play. They developed an interactive process—Shevchenko’s photographs of people, landscape, and the built environment in former Soviet Georgia provided raw materials for Zeleny to discover echoes in the American state. Discovering ‘poetic connections’ between the places in photographs, the duo’s individual styles began to quote one another as they created a single narrative of a fictional place equally made from each Georgia.

Georgia Georgia resists easy clichés of the rural, but delves into local stories of place and post-globalization identity in visual rhymes. In these images, the two artists inhabit one another’s techniques and ideas, finding connections somewhere between “same” and “other” among their works. Their images are presented as a set of diptychs of unexpected similarities.

Read the exhibition essay by Kristen Hutchinson

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Emily MacDonald & Tegan Bowers

Gilding – Emily MacDonald and Tegan Bowers; Leila Plouffe and Jacob Dutton

May 13–June 18 in the ProjEx Room

Opening Reception and performance: Friday May 13 at 7:00 pm

Discussion with the artists: Thursday May 19 at 6:30 pm

From Shakespeare’s King John springs a cliché of superfluous improvement on beauty: ‘to gild a lily’—a misquote, a weightless claim to the truth of a thing. Emily MacDonald and Tegan Bowers work instead with roses: in performance, they consume the complicated influence of art-history giant and fascist-misogynist Marinetti one bite at a time—consuming roses covered in sheets of golden batter described in his recipe for Diabolical Roses. Their absurd act marks a struggle between autonomy over their own ideas of queer feminine identity and complacency with patriarchal representations of women.

Leila Plouffe and Jacob Dutton make images and objects about the act of clothing: bodies draped with lustrous sheets, seeming to transform into domestic objects and architecture. Their mixed-media work shimmers and breathes, including photography, video, and sculpture, continuing themes of domestic spaces and performing the personal in furniture and dress.

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Kids4Cameras annual Youth Art Show

In the Community gallery, May 10–17

Reception: Saturday May 14 at 3:00 pm

Rebirth is a celebration of resilience, a visual representation of the awakening our city experiences in the coming of the warmer months. Featuring new works by young street photographers, these artists share their interpretations of what it means to flourish after a period of difficulty.

Kids4Cameras is an Edmonton-based initiative that focuses on building relationships with homeless youth through photography. These relationships allow us to act as a navigator for youth seeking housing, identification, jobs and other resources. Our mission is to empower youth to be successful, creative and proactive.

War. 11 portraits

Taras Polataiko – War. 11 portraits

March 24–April 30 in the Main Space

Opening Reception: Thursday 24 March at 7:00 pm, for members and guests

Artist Talk: Saturday, March 26 at 2:00 pm

“The raging war made it impossible to focus on anything else.”

Ukrainian-Born Canadian artist Taras Polataiko returned to Kyiv to create a project on the eve of the annexation of Crimea. Known for painting, sculpture, and intermedia projects with performance, bodily fluids, and exploration of media, Polataiko ended up making portrait photographs of wounded soldiers in hospital, coupled with interviews about their experiences, recording them in one take interrupted occasionally by nurses offering anaesthetic shots. He asked only one question: what is needed here?

Read the exhibition essay by Sophia Isajiw

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This exhibition is supported by:

Shevchenko Foundation   St John's Institute

Image: War. 11 portraits installed at the Canadian Embassy in Warsaw

The Reflex

Paul Bernhardt – The Reflex

March 24–April 30 in the ProjEx Room

Opening Reception: Thursday 24 March at 7:00 pm, for members and guests

Artist Talk: Saturday 16 April at 2:00 pm

Alberta artist Paul Bernhardt deals with technological cultures in his paintings and installation. The Reflex draws on imagery of video games and obsolete workplace punch-clocks, creating paintings that are themselves captured in a surveillance system of mirrors within the gallery. The violence and control implicit in our technological society, and suggestions of falseness, mock the images in fractured reflections—but from the right point, the glowing image is readable, if distorted.

Reflections of Tomorrow

April 12–22 in the Community Gallery

Featuring the work of students at Boyle Street Education Centre

Boyle Street Education Centre works with high-risk and formerly out-of-school youth, mostly of First Nations descent, whose lives reflect the impact of intergenerational poverty. In this show, student works act as a powerful opportunity to identify their communities and own a part of responsibility for growth.

Students were asked to reflect on what they would like to have in their future community, keeping in mind community could be a group of like-minded people or people with a common goal. It may also be their neighborhood or the entire city. They were invited to think creatively about what “community” means to them.


New work by artists at iHuman

22 March–5 April 2016, in the Community Gallery

iHuman Youth Society Presents Kaleidoscope. A collection of recent work by Artists at iHuman. Featuring work by: Destry Love, Khussain Spiridonov, Mathew Cardinal and Micky!

Marie-Andrée Houde

Marie-Andrée Houde – Tapestry

January 29–March 5, 2016 in the Main Space

Opening Reception: Friday, January 29 at 7:00 pm (for members and guests)

Artist Talk: Saturday, January 30 at 2:00 pm

Montreal-based Marie-Andrée Houde’s photographic installation very carefully documents the distorted, pixellated representations of buildings printed on wrap-around tarps during facade renovations. Her large-scale composite images preserve the imperfections of these strange false-fronts, and in the gallery are mixed with segments of used building wraps, blurring the space between the landscape and its image.

Read the exhibition essay by Vedran Skopac

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Lisa Jones, Chimp Doctor

Lisa Jones – The Menagerie

January 29–March 5 in the ProjEx Room

Opening Reception: Friday, January 29 at 7:00 pm (for members and guests)

Artist Talk: Saturday, February 20 at 2:00 pm

Edmonton artist Lisa Jones is drawn to the circus and its exploitation of performers and animals for family entertainment, and in her dark oil paintings, luminous inter-species characters grit their teeth in pain or effort as they perform. Jones describes her paintings as a process of understanding parts of herself—the less desirable ones—through empathy. In her transparent shadow-worlds the relationships of the performance absurdly overlay the cruelty of its construction.

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This exhibition is supported by:

Swish: vintage finds for your sassy self

5 Artists 1 Love

February 5–27 in the community gallery

Reception: Saturday February 20 at 7:00 pm

5 Artists 1 Love is an annual Black History Month event that provides Edmonton residents the opportunity to celebrate the cultural mosaic within the City’s black Community. It explores the rich history of the African diaspora through art, music, dance, and poetry. The unique event draws a variety of people with diverse backgrounds and has been described as being akin to a party at the U.N.

This year, Latitude 53 is one of five venues marking the 10th year of 5 Artists 1 Love, with a retrospective of artists who've exhibited in the past on display at five venues: Latitude 53, the Art Gallery of Alberta, Scott Gallery, Garneau Theatre, and the University of Alberta Augustana campus.

Find out more at

Jacob Dutton, In My Hands #1

Bridging Encounters

Work by current students at the University of Alberta

Ryan Andrade, Melissa Cayford, Jacob Dutton, Jessa Gillespie, Ashna Jacob, Lindsay Kirker, Alex Linfield, Michael McInnis, Michelle Paterok

Created by Mitchell Chalifoux with curators Brittany Ball-Snellen, Liuba González de Armas, and Caitlin Burt

In the Community Gallery, January 8–30, 2016

Bridging encounters is the meeting point of curators and artists, from the University of Alberta, with the intent of creating an exhibition through collaboration. This exhibition promotes the engagement between student artists, curators and the Edmonton visual arts community by placing its location within the thriving community of Latitude 53.

These works examine specific social aspects, tackled by the artists and curators, to investigate the social forces that impact them individually and as a community of emerging creatives. Each work relates to different aspects, emphasizing their own personal connections to and critiques of contemporary society. Prompted by themes of relationality, social engagement, discursion and dialogue, these artists responded to a call for the conversation of bridging groups between barriers through artistic practice.

Mitchell Chalifoux was afforded the opportunity to head this project and create its framework through the support of Caitlin Wells, Sean Caulfield, the University of Alberta Art and Design Department, and Latitude 53.

Image: Jacob Dutton, “In My Hands #1”

The less you know about me the safer I feel

Shan Kelley – Clean, Fit, and Decease Free

December 4–January 16 in the Main Space

Opening Reception: Friday, December 4 at 7:00 pm, members and guests invited

Day Without Art Film Screening: Tuesday, December 1 at 7:00 pm

Since being diagnosed HIV+, Shan Kelley’s mixed-media work has focussed on the feeling of exposure, of oppressive surveillance as it questions of sexuality and private life become seemingly-fair game for moral scrutiny and study. Kelley’s images answer the demand for explanation given to a positive person with a similar force, through mixed-media work that embeds his poz body in the gallery.

Day Without Art Film Screening: Join Shan Kelley on Tuesday, December 1, for two short films and a discussion.

Radiant Presence (5 min) is a digital slideshow with images from the Visual AIDS' Artist+ Registry, the largest database of works by artists with HIV/AIDS. RADIANT PRESENCE features artwork by artists living with HIV/AIDS and those who are no longer with us. The artwork is interspersed with current statistics and information about HIV/AIDS today.

Consent (22 min), a documentary film produced by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network and Goldelox Productions. In their own words, eight women — leading feminist scholars, attorneys and women living with HIV — shine a light on the problems of using sexual assault law to prosecute alleged non-disclosure of HIV. Does the legal concept of consent, intended to protect women’s sexual autonomy, in fact increase their risk of violence and discrimination when used to criminalize HIV?

Visual AIDS Day With(out) Art

Read the exhibition essay by Theodore Kerr.

View posts about Shan Kelley on the Latitude 53 Blog.

After Muybridge #1, detail

Lisa Turner – Win, Place, and Show

December 4–January 16 in the ProjEx Room

From internet image searches, Lisa Turner invents products, amalgamated from items available online. Mixing sculpture, print, and animation, her work explores themes of desire, security, and happiness, within contemporary culture.

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