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Shan Kelley – Clean, Fit, and Decease Free

December 4–January 16 in the Main Space

Opening Reception: Friday, December 4 at 7:00 pm, members and guests invited

Day Without Art Film Screening: Tuesday, December 1 at 7:00 pm

Since being diagnosed HIV+, Shan Kelley’s mixed-media work has focussed on the feeling of exposure, of oppressive surveillance as it questions of sexuality and private life become seemingly-fair game for moral scrutiny and study. Kelley’s images answer the demand for explanation given to a positive person with a similar force, through mixed-media work that embeds his poz body in the gallery.

Day Without Art Film Screening: Join Shan Kelley on Tuesday, December 1, for two short films and a discussion.

Radiant Presence (5 min) is a digital slideshow with images from the Visual AIDS' Artist+ Registry, the largest database of works by artists with HIV/AIDS. RADIANT PRESENCE features artwork by artists living with HIV/AIDS and those who are no longer with us. The artwork is interspersed with current statistics and information about HIV/AIDS today.

Consent (22 min), a documentary film produced by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network and Goldelox Productions. In their own words, eight women — leading feminist scholars, attorneys and women living with HIV — shine a light on the problems of using sexual assault law to prosecute alleged non-disclosure of HIV. Does the legal concept of consent, intended to protect women’s sexual autonomy, in fact increase their risk of violence and discrimination when used to criminalize HIV?

Visual AIDS Day With(out) Art

Read the exhibition essay by Theodore Kerr.

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After Muybridge #1, detail

Lisa Turner – Win, Place, and Show

December 4–January 16 in the ProjEx Room

From internet image searches, Lisa Turner invents products, amalgamated from items available online. Mixing sculpture, print, and animation, her work explores themes of desire, security, and happiness, within contemporary culture.

Sarah Burwash, Mama's Tent

Sarah Burwash – Sweet Smelling Ashes

October 2–November 14 in the Main Space

Opening Reception: Friday October 2 at 7:00 pm, for members and guests.

Nova Scotia artist Sarah Burwash's watercolours, collage, and sculptures, place figures, living their lives in ritual, and routine, into a landscape where the arc of their lives play out. The women in her work are masterful figures, at once performing physical feats and intimate gestures towards their social world, where they experience success, failure, struggle, and grace. In Sweet Smelling Ashes, Sarah Burwash brings sculptures in several media into the gallery alongside her social-landscape paintings, creating an emphasis on materiality and consequence.

Read the exhibition essay by Sarah Hamilton

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Willa Downing, Protein Folding

Willa Downing – Intersecting Sets

October 2–November 14 in the ProjEx Room

Opening Reception: Friday October 2 at 7:00 pm, for members and guests.

BC-based artist Willa Downing looks at shared properties of connectivity in complex systems that are information rich. Her three sets—visual instructions on index cards of “Wilderness Survival Skills”, drawings of self-folding proteins, and neural connections in the brain—are displayed as communities of component parts. Through simple materials and a playful installation, Intersecting Sets suggests commonalities between disparate worlds.

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Land of Love II

16–24 October, in the Community Gallery

Celebrating Persian art and artists in Edmonton


Sally Raab – Flutter

September 26 for Nuit Blanche Edmonton

To mark Nuit Blanche Edmonton’s debut, Latitude 53 invites Calgary-based artist Sally Raab to Edmonton. Her Flutter installation, made from paper sculptures and led lighting referencing the dimensions of human bodies and migratory clouds of monarch butterflies, will spill through the gallery space and Latitude 53’s outdoor patio.

Sally Raab is supported by the City of Calgary through Calgary Arts Development.

City of Calgary, Calgary Arts Development

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Visualeyez 2015

Canada's annual performance art festival

September 15–22, 2015

Christian Bujol, Luciana D'Anunciacao, Rachel Echenberg, Steven Girard, Ming Hon, Julie Laurin, Mathieu Leger, and Guadalupe Martinez, curated by Todd Janes

The 16th annual Visualeyez Festival of Performance Art runs from 15–22 September 2015 in the downtown core of Edmonton, Alberta, exploring the curatorial theme of expanding-and-collapsing.

Each year at Visualeyez, Latitude 53 invites artists to spend seven days in Edmonton making performance-based work and sharing a space. Each morning, the artists collaborate over breakfast in a group discussion open to visitors—the Morning Session, led by the Festival Animator, who also acts to provide entry points to the work for viewers here and elsewhere through the festival blog at

Alberta is on a path to another boom/bust cycle: through this year’s thematic focus on expansion and contraction artists will examine how we live, survive, or prosper in this cyclical environment.

Find out more at

Amanda Dawn Christie

Amanda Dawn Christie – Off Route 2

July 16–August 29 in the Main Space

Opening Reception: Latitude 53 invites members and guests to Patio, July 16 from 5–9 pm

Artist Talk: Saturday July 18 at 2:00 pm

New Brunswick artist Amanda Dawn Christie used the classic cinema techniques of 35mm filmmaking to produce her work Off Route 2 for the gallery. The show carefully creates a cinematic portrayal of the aftermath of a car accident. The crash itself is never depicted—overturning expectations of the cinema and presenting an alternative that includes documents of its own construction, and an endurance performance by the artist who hangs upside down in below-freezing temperatures for hours as the metal around her is cut by an emergency response team.

Saturday July 18 at 2:00 pm: Join us for a behind-the-scenes look as Amanda Dawn Christie talks about her ways of working with the intersections of human bodies with analogue and digital technologies, and the ways she approaches making work for cinematic as well as gallery spaces.

Read the exhibition essay by Carolyn Jervis.

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Hung & Porter

Roselina Hung & Mary Porter – A Conversation

July 16–August 29 in the ProjEx Room

Opening Reception: Latitude 53 invites members and guests to Patio, July 16 from 5–9 pm

Roselina Hung & Mary Porter’s collaborative projections are a kind of epistolary powerpoint. Constructed from image searches triggered by fragmentary text-message communications, they are like a game, friendly and hinting at competition, made according to rules. In twinned projections they present a wandering narrative of stock photos, infographics, television stills, memes, inspirational quotes, and other images of online culture.

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9 June–1 September in the Community Gallery

Opening each week: celebrate each artist at Patio, for members and guests

This year, we're excited to launch our Incubator series once more alongside our Summer Patio season. Over the summer, our artists—including Cindy Couldwell, Carmyn Effa, Deann Stein Hasinoff, Cory Johnn, David J. Nyffeler, Emmanuel Osahor, Reza Rezai, Paul Swanson, and Jeremy Tsang—will be showing their photo-based work in an experimental, collaborative exhibition. Each week, an artist will be adding their work and altering the space as it already exists. As we see the gallery each week—especially at Patio every Thursday—the space will change slowly from the actions of these Edmonton artists.

  • 9 June – Jeremy Tsang
  • 16 June – Cindy Couldwell
  • 23 June – Emmanuel Osahor
  • 30 June – Paul Swanson
  • 7 July – Carmyn Joy Effa
  • 14 July – Cory Johnn
  • 21 July – David J. Nyffeler
  • 28 July – Deann Stein Hasinoff
  • 3 August – Reza Rezai

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Dominique Sirois – Alarm Songs: Leisure Machine

5 June–11 July in the Main Space

Opening Reception: Friday, 5 June at 7:00 pm, for members and invited guests

Leisure machine

Artist Talk: Saturday, 6 June at 1:30 pm

Dominique Sirois' interdisciplinary examination of the aesthetics of the alarm takes the form of a sculpture and video installation tracing a history from the industrial revolution and the history of labour, through the music of Arseny Avraamov and the avant-gardes of the 20th century, to the rave and contemporary dance music.

Read the exhibition essay by Dominique Sirois-Rouleau.

Image: Leisure machine (2015). Video still of a slipmat (from Hugo Münsterberg laboratory).

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Campbell Wallace

Campbell Wallace – Party Paintings

5 June–11 July in the ProjEx Room

Opening Reception: Friday, 5 June at 7:00 pm, for members and invited guests

Artist Talk: Saturday, 4 July at 12:30 pm

Edmonton artist Campbell Wallace works from found images; these portraits capture extraordinary moments among ordinary people. Wallace’s use of often discarded photographs creates a distance from his subjects that brings the small narratives around them to the forefront of his work—but as he paints, he reinvents the image, making it personal again.

Image from José Luis Torres' Mutations

José Luis Torres: Mutations

In the Main Space, April 10 - May 23

Opening reception: Friday, April 10 at 7:00pm

Quebec resident and Argentina-born sculptor José Luis Torres brings Mutations to our Main Space this spring, featuring installations and sculptures inspired by the chaotic and organically-emergent suburbs in which he grew up.

Incorporating a wide variety of local materials, including rugs, doors, and building supplies, Mutations explores the conceptual boundaries framing art, architecture, and environment. What intentionality and context are required before a house becomes a home, a block becomes a neighborhood, or a structure becomes a building? And if those intentions and contexts shift organically, how de we qualify the mutants they create?

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The logo of this exhibition's sponsor, Value Village

This exhibition is presented by Value Village.

Video still from Kyle Terrence's untitled projection

Dubious Translations

featuring works by Kyle Terrence, Andrew Israelsen, and Alex Linfield, curated by Brad Necyk

In the ProjEx Room, April 10 - May 23

Opening reception: Friday, April 10 at 7:00pm

Edmonton-based photographer and multimedia artist Brad Necyk is no stranger to showing his own work; this spring we are excited to work alongside him as he applies himself to curation.

For Dubious Translations, Necyk has selected works by three local artists which explore the challenge of translating meaning while practicing within the contemporary visual arts. The works featured–including video projections, sound installations, and algorithmically/procedurally-generated content–interact with each other on not only a metaphorical level, but a material one: interrupting and corrupting each other, they evoke the liminal space occupied by all contemporary art, in which many artists struggle with insufficient means of translation.

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Anabel Quan & Gareth Roughley

5–11 May in the Community Gallery

Kids for Cameras

14–28 April in the Community Gallery

Gateway Photo Show

28 March–11 April in the Community Gallery

Starting Over


Stephen G.A. Mueller

February 13-March 28 in the Main Space

Performance and endurance artist Stephen Mueller returns to Latitude 53 with Starting Over. An installation developed around a video projection, Starting Over features documentation of a performance Mueller endured last year–the act of slowly removing and carefully storing each of his beard hairs. Mueller asks us–do our bodies absorb our memories? If we remove pieces of ourselves, can we tear the memories out, as well? And where exactly does the 'performance' in 'performance art' lie?

For material regarding this exhibition, please see the posts tagged Stephen Mueller on our blog.



Holly de Moissac

February 13-March 28 in the ProjEx Room

Painter and printmaker Holly de Moissac is an emerging visual artist and graduate of the University of Alberta BFA Fine Arts & Design program. Crafted from a variety of materials–gold leaf, photographs of abandoned structures in Detroit, texts, and lithographs of human bodies–her work is arranged to evoke feelings about decomposition, dilapidation, and rot.

farsighted inverts the context in which we typically see decay, prompting us to consider the potential for beauty within the process of falling-apart.

For material regarding this exhibition, please see the posts tagged Holly de Moissac on our blog.

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