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Confucius City

Confucius City

Jing Yuan Huang

November 21 2014–January 17 2015 in the Main Space

The Confucius Institutes are run by the Chinese government and operate within other educational institutions around the world, offering education in Chinese culture from a specific point of view. In The Confucius City Project, Jing Yuan Huang inverts the point of view presented in a fictional classroom, offering a narrative that foregrounds its distortions and emphasizes the discourse that the Chinese State minimizes. Through the installation of text, images, and the classroom itself, the exhibition is at once a familiar cultural and educational space and a strange one.

Read the exhibition essay by Jessie Beier.

For material regarding this exhibition, please see the posts tagged Jing Yuan Huang on our blog.

Rhythms Humanitarian

Image from 'Rhythms Humanitarian'

Madhi Neamah

November 21 2014-January 17 2015 in the ProjEx Room

Iraqi painter Madhi Neamah came to Edmonton in 2011 and received the Edmonton Arts Council Cultural Diversity in the Arts award in 2013, after having worked and taught in Iraq and Libya for years.

The paintings of Rhythms Humanitarian deal with the legacy of surrealism and the landscape, and comprise Neamah's first exhibition in Canada.

For material regarding this exhibition, please see the posts tagged Madhi Neamah on our blog.

Visualeyez 2014: Movement

Visualeyez: Movement

Canada's annual festival of performance art

September 16–21 at Latitude 53 and around Edmonton

This September, Latitude 53 presents the fifteenth annual VISUALEYEZ festival, Canada’s performance art festival. Beginning September 16, and running for the duration of one week, artists from all over the world will converge at Latitude 53 Contemporary Visual Culture and the greater downtown area of Edmonton to present performances on this years theme of movement. Curated by Latitude 53 Executive Director and festival founder Todd Janes, the festival will dive into the intricacies of movement in and around space. The artists will be investigating movement as it pertains to the environment of our city, movement as it affects one body, and the various restrictions of movement, be it social, political, environmental, or physical.

Find the festival program at

For material regarding Visualeyez, please see the posts tagged Visualeyez on our blog.

After Faceb00k

After Faceb00k

Charles-Antoine Blais Métivier and Serge-Olivier Rondeau

July 31–September 6 in the Main Space

These Montréal artists investigate how we make identities in a post-internet world. After Faceb00k is built around a collection of images straight from the social networking site that implicates the gallery and its community directly in mentions, friends and visitors, and interaction. In each of its exhibitions since being first realized in Montreal, the work has developed in new ways. After Faceb00k is a site-specific project that explores the context of the gallery as a part of community. The artists treat Facebook as a territory, a space for wandering, and find evidence for the developing ways that photography and privacy interact in our emotional relationships.

Presented with the support of RED The Agency.

Sheri Barclay: Hosers in Cuba

Hosers in Cuba

July 31–September 6 in the ProjEx Room

Sheri Barclay went to Sancti Spiritus in Cuba with Solidarity Rock: an artist-run cultural exchange between the music scenes in Cuba and Edmonton. Her photographs are of a time of change within Cuba, as speculation continues to develop about the future of the island after Fidel Castro, and in particular on increasing cultural influences from outside, and the sometimes uncomfortable power dynamic of visiting from the wealthier parts of the Americas. But her images are taken from the point of view of an artist invested in local punk connections, music and DIY culture.


June 24–September 6 in the Community Gallery

Incubator is Latitude 53’s annual look into what’s going on in our artistic community. Over the summer, we invite artists working in Edmonton to show their current projects, to discover new chances for collaboration, and to interact with new audiences at our weekly Patio parties, Thursdays 5–9, which bring together our membership of artists and art lovers with guests from Edmonton’s downtown, and other local organizations and businesses.

This year, Incubator is about collaboration, and challenging artists to feed off of one another to create something new. We’ve invited creators working in design as well as the art-gallery world to make five exhibitions together, bridging the disciplines and the generations in biweekly shows. Incubator is a rare look into the creative process of some of Edmonton’s most interesting makers, a glimpse at artists developing ideas and trust in one another.

Eleanor Lazare & Zach Ayotte

Image: Eleanor Lazare

  • 24 June–5 July: Eleanor Lazare & Zachary Ayotte

  • 7-19 July: Robyn Stuart & Matt Whitson

  • 22 July–2 August: Hailley Honcharik & Bob Iveson

  • 5-16 August: Chris Camp & Royden Mills

  • 18 August–6 September: Erin Elizabeth Ross & Jesse Sherburne


Our Day WIll Come

Our Day Will Come

Initiated by Paul O’Neill – A project in the form of a Free School

Four week-long sessions this year, starting in July

In the form of a free school—a participatory, decentralized space for learning and sharing knowledge—this collaborative off-site project will create a space for becoming in Edmonton’s rapidly changing East downtown. New York-based, Irish artist-curator Paul O’Neill challenges ideas of curation and education in his work, and here he invites a roster of artists, locals, visitors, and others to create and reexamine their practices through workshops, school dinners, classes, radio broadcasts, lectures, and dances.

Zine Launch: Thursday 31 July at Patio, 5–9 pm

Read More about Our Day Will Come

Insoon Ha, Face

Insoon Ha: Monology & Face

June 19–July 26 In the Main Space

Opening reception for members & guests: Thursday June 19 at 7:00 pm

Featuring a performance by the artist

Insoon Ha’s print and photographic installation delves into violence and post-colonial stasis through minimal forms. Ha’s confused identities are created in “Monology” as hybrid woman-animal forms and everyday objects apparently repurposed for torture—and by forcing viewers to walk directly on her self-portraits, damaging them as well as offering a kind of insult to the artist, in “Face”. In live performance, Insoon Ha will place this dirty process directly on herself, washing her face in dirty water mopped from the installation floor.

For material regarding this exhibition, please see the posts tagged Insoon Ha on our blog.


Natalie McDonald: Feast

June 19–July 26 in the ProjEx Room

Opening reception for members & guests: at the Patio, Thursday June 19 from 5–11 pm

Calgary-based artist Natalie McDonald’s paintings create narratives about how we experience place and society as individuals. Finding sources for her painting practice in from film and printed material, she manipulates and reimagines images to change the storylines they tell us, and responds to the ways that she experiences relationships and interactions, and the ways that our society values these. In this play of overlapping interfaces, the audience’s own experience of the work, especially in the crowded celebration of its opening, becomes a performative part of the project itself.

Read the review by Edmonton painter Patrick Higgins, on the Latitude 53 Blog.

Out West: Kyler Zeleny

June 10–21 in the Community Gallery
Book Launch: at Patio, June 12

Kyler Zeleny's new photo publication, Out West, launches in our Community Gallery this summer.

The images in this book are part of a project documenting small rural communities (1,000 inhabitants or less) in the Canadian West. As demographic changes – ‘rural drain, urban claim’ – persist, many would argue that the rural is becoming a redundant sidepiece in a world that is increasingly concerned with the urban. The project investigates how rural communities in the Canadian West struggle to hold onto their heritage despite the diminishing vitality of these towns.

Harun Farocki

Blown Up — Wafaa Bilal, Harun Farocki and Mohammed Mohsen

Curated by Vicky Moufawad-Paul
May 2–June 13 2014 in the Main Space

Curator's Talk: Friday May 2 at 7:00 pm

Followed by an opening reception for members and guests

Blown Up, curated by Vicky Moufawad-Paul, brings together Toronto-based Palestinian artist Mohammed Mohsen, New York-based Iraqi artist Wafaa Bilal, and famed German artist-filmmaker Harun Farocki, examining the ways that players’ and creators’ geographies and power-structures alter their relationships to politics mediated by the screen, in video games reflecting conflict in the Middle East.

Curator's essay by Vicky Moufawad-Paul available at the gallery.


Jennifer Tellier & Brittney Bear-Hat – OURS

May 2–June 14 2014 in the ProjEx Room

In this new project, Calgary-based artists Brittney Bear-Hat and Jennifer Tellier explore what it means to call a colonized land home. Building on a previous drawing-performance collaboration, in OURS the artists test themselves and the trust that they have built their collaborative relationship on. Their new installation, made with personal artifacts and family histories, explore the ways that looking at someone else can help us to see ourselves, as they bring their experiences of the land they belong to into the gallery from where they discovered it—around campfires, in canoes, and out under the stars.

Emily Jan

Tammy Salzl & Emily Jan
Falling through the mirror

March 7–April 19 2014 in the Main Space

Artists' Talk and Opening Reception: Friday March 7 at 7 pm, members and guests are invited

Tammy Salzl and Emily Jan approach narrative and the monstrous in painting and installation. In their work, they experiment with the ways that the monstrous represents the edges of society’s status quo, but is nonetheless a point of attraction, in stories, mythologies, and art. Their work presents immersive and fantastic parallel realities, and in their large planned installation will suggest places where this might cross over, coming close to our world.

Read the exhibition essay by jake moore.

Amber-Jane Grove

Amber-Jane Grove
900: Drawing with the Brain

March 7–April 19 2014 in the ProjEx Room

Opening Reception for members and guests: Friday March 7 at 7:00 pm

Conversation with the artist: Saturday March 29 at 2:00 pm

Edmonton artist Amber-Jane Grove began exploring drawing with her off-hand and ended up executing a 900-day drawing program using her mouth and feet to make mixed-media images. Her abstract compositions are experiments in how the brain connects with the body, and documentation of developing skills.

Finding Common Ground

Thursday, March 20th from 5 - 6:30 pm with Peter Krejcar, pianist performing at 5:45 pm
Friday, March 21st from 5 - 6:30 pm with Holly Kroeker, pianist performing at 5:45 pm
Saturday, March 22nd from 2 - 3:30 pm with Peter Krejcar, pianist performing at 2:45 pm

This spring, pianists Peter Krejcar and Holly Kroeker of Alberta College Conservatory of Music visit Latitude 53’s gallery space with a grand piano for two evenings and an afternoon of classical music. Alongside artwork by Emily Jan & Tammy Salzl and Amber-Jane Grove, these performances are an opportunity to form connections between the city’s contemporary art and music communities.

Peter Krejcar performs: “Piano Soleil” by Denis Gougeon and Franz Liszt’s “Ballade no. 2 in B minor”

Holly Kroeker performs three movements from “Cinderella Suite” Op.102 no.1 by Sergei Prokofievx

Synesthesia: Design for the senses

In the Community Gallery, March 4–15

Opening Reception for members and guests: Friday March 7 at 7:00 pm

Presented by the Student Design Association at the University of Alberta

Design is often discussed in terms of interaction, but rarely how we actually interact with objects. Synesthesia focuses on designing for the five senses. Design already utilizes our understanding of senses, but often in the most obvious ways: we often think about how books will look or feel, or how speakers will sound. However, it is rare that we think about how a poster should smell, how a clock should feel, or how an image should sound. Synesthesia explores these complex interactions and their application to the practice of design.


January 10–February 15 in the Main Space

Laura Aldridge, Jonathan Owen, James McLardy, Rachel Duckhouse, Ciara Phillips and Daisy Richardson (Glasgow)

Andrea Williamson, Hannah Doerksen, Kent Merriman Jr., Steven Cottingham, Tyler Los-Jones, and Stephen Nachtigall (Calgary)

Curated by Matthew Mark Bourree & Yvonne Mullock

Opening Reception: Friday, January 10 at 7:00 pm

Conceived originally as a two-part community-based exhibition that would bring Glasgow artists to Haight Gallery in Calgary, and Calgary artists to The Old Hairdresser's in Glasgow, both halves of WE are united in Edmonton in between. This exhibition celebrates and documents the grassroots art scenes in both cities, including those spaces, in a snapshot of two close groups of artists that straddle D.I.Y. practices and the professional. The six Calgary artists share a tactile sensibility that lends itself to poetic romance, loss, and nostalgia, across media. In Glasgow, the artists explore medium and process in print, collage, and sculpture.

At Latitude 53, WE includes works by both groups of artists, presented together for the first time in anticipation of their conversation in Glasgow.

With an essay by Adam Waldron-Blain, available at the gallery.

Image: marbled paper by Andrea Williamson

This is Our Land: Tarzan & Arab

Tarzan & Arab

January 10–February 15 in the ProjEx Room

Curated by Kelty Pelechytik

Opening Reception: Friday, January 10 at 7:00 pm, featuring Paul Fischer's documentary film TARZAN & ARAB.

Tarzan & Arab, AKA twins Ahmed and Mohamed Abu Nasser, are painters and filmmakers from Gaza now living as refugees in Jordan. They make art about the impossibility of art in their home—which they are unable to return to—where the last cinema closed in 1987. Although they don't think of their work first as being political, their work is coloured by the world they live in: filmmakers who had never attended a cinema; artists who had never visited a gallery. This is Our Land presents their short films Colourful Journey and Condom Lead alongside a body of paintings.

Screening, conversation, and music: Friday, February 7 at 7:30 pm, featuring Dr. Ghada Ageel and Dr. Mohamed Abou Hemeid, performances by MENAME and The Speakers Poets, with traditional Palestinian food from Abu Rabea. Presented in collaboration with Palestine Solidarity Network Edmonton.

  • Dr. Ghada Ageel is a Visiting Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Alberta. She holds a PhD and MA in Middle East Politics from the University of Exeter (Britain) and a BA in Education from the Islamic University/Gaza. She is also active in Faculty4Palestine-Alberta and a member of Palestine Solidarity Network.

    Dr. Ageel is the recipient of several awards and scholarships including The Phillips Grant (UK, 2013), The Jerusalem Studies’ Scholarship of the University of Exeter (2002 and 1999), the Higher Education Award of the Ministry of Education (Palestine, 1996) and the Hebrew Language and Literature Scholarship (Gaza, 1993).

    Her work has been widely published in several newspapers, magazines and journals worldwide, including The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The International Herald Tribune, The Hill, CNN, BBC, The Guardian, Journal for Palestine Studies, Palestine Chronicle, MATAN Magazine (Hebrew), Occupation Magazine and many Arabic newspapers throughout the Middle East.

  • Dr. Mohamed Abouhemied, MD, is a specialist physician, head of gastroenterology and medical department at Shifa Hospital in Gaza, Palestine.

  • The Middle Eastern and North African Music Ensemble (MENAME) performs instrumental and vocal music, both traditional and modern, primarily from the Arab world (Egypt and the Nile Valley, the Levant, North Africa, the Arabian peninsula, and Iraq), Turkey and Iran.

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