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Chuck Samuels – Before Photography

Chuck Samuels: Untitled 15A

November 15–December 21 in the Main Space

Opening Reception & Artist Talk: Friday November 15 at 7:00 pm

Before Photography is Chuck Samuels’ visual exploration of an era before he began the practice of photography. Focusing on Samuels’ father’s obsession with photography and how it might have led to Samuels’ own choice of profession, the exhibit is an examination of the successes and failures of memory. As Samuels explores his relationship with his father, he often makes himself the subject of his work, inserting himself into images of cinema and television of his father’s era and searching for the qualities that drew his father to the medium.

Before Photography includes four bodies of work that cross between the periods of his relationships with his father and photography. Though images and video in each section, a complicated and unstable narrative emerges.

Read the essay by Sylvain Campeau.

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Shyra De Souza: Phantom Limb

Phantom Limb

November 22–December 21 in the ProjEx Room

Opening Reception & Artist Talk: Friday, November 22 at 7:00 pm

Calgary-based artist Shyra De Souza is interested in the ways we draw meaning from illusory and dissonant experiences. Phantom Limb is a long, spine-like installation constructed from found objects: consumer products joined into symmetrical vertebrae. As the work snakes through the gallery it shifts between identities, sometimes bodily, sometimes museological, sometimes unknown Rorschach shapes suggesting other-worldly phenomena.

View posts about Shyra De Souza on the Latitude 53 Blog.

Christophe Jivraj

Christophe Jivraj – Les Corps

September 27–November 2 in the Main Space
Opening reception for members and guests: Friday September 27 from 7–9 pm

Over the last several years, Christophe Jivraj has made photographs with a group of physically disabled adults. In portraits of these people in their environments, Jivraj’s practice explores the ways that they are represented, and the surrounding taboos. His subjects sit without the most visible symbol of their disability, their wheelchairs, instead in their bedrooms: spaces that reflect their individuality, where the viewer can reexamine the identities and realities of disability. In photographs and video, these people are both vulnerable, and ready to speak.

Read the essay by Susan Beckett.

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Brooke Leifso

Brooke Leifso – Unraveling the dis/abled

Performance: November 1 & 2 at 7:30 pm

Artist talk: to follow the performance on November 1

Unraveling the Dis/abled is based on Brooke Leifso’s personal experience with mild Cerebral Palsy. The 30-minute performance is composed of movement scores and spoken word, reflecting upon growing up with a medical diagnosis and how it influences childhood, sexuality and identity.

Unraveling the dis/abled was created during residency at The Haven on Gabriola Island, and is presented to accompany Christophe Jivraj's Les Corps in the Main Space.

Read more about the project at

Kristen Keegan

Kristen Keegan – Elsewhere

September 20–November 2 in the ProjEx Room

Opening reception for members and guests: Friday September 20 from 7–9 pm
Plein-air painting excursion with the artist: Saturday October 19 at 1:30 pm

This spring, Edmonton-based artist Kristen Keegan looked West from the cliffs in Northern Iceland, across the Greenland Sea. For the first time since finishing her undergraduate degree, she painted landscapes—fixated on the endlessness of a single view. Her small paintings are a record of getting lost, and meditating on an unknown elsewhere, where only the horizon line remains of the known world. Meanwhile, in the studio she explored another kind of elsewhere: painting watercolours from a tourist guidebook, “Thermal Pools of Iceland”.

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One Hundred Widows

One Hundred Widows

Collected by Elizabeth Withey
September 27–November 6 in the Community Gallery

Inspired by a friend’s story, Elizabeth Withey started collecting widowed earrings, and the stories of their lost pairs. Interested both in the stories themselves and the commentary they provide on the nature of loss, Withey also found herself interested in the importance that we place on the couple, or the pair, as a unit in our society. So, she collected one hundred—drawn from all kinds of people, from colleagues and relatives to distant friends-of-friends and notable artists, musicians, and politicians. Initially presented online at, the collection will be translated and re-imagined as a physical installation in the Latitude 53 Community Gallery this fall.

Read Elizabeth Withey's thoughts about transforming her project from a blog into a gallery show.

Visualeyez: Vulnerability

Canada's annual festival of performance art

September 9–15, 2013 at Latitude 53 and around downtown Edmonton

Performance schedule coming soon

This September, Latitude 53 presents the fourteenth edition of Canada’s annual festival of performance art: Visualeyez. For one week, Latitude 53 invites performance artists from around Canada and abroad to downtown Edmonton to make work, connect with audiences, and explore the theme of Vulnerability.

From September 9–15, at the gallery and in the streets of Edmonton, artists Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte (Vancouver), Emma-Kate Guimond (Montreal), Sara French (Edmonton), Jeff Huckleberry (Boston), Grey Muldoon (Toronto), and Corporal Outis (New York) will perform projects approaching the idea of Vulnerability from multiple angles. Additionally, the festival includes an online component as festival animator Joshua Schwabel will further explore the work and form connections between the artists’ projects while documenting the festival at

Sign up as participants in Corporal Outis’ performance on the city streets at

Latitude 53 presents Waste Land at Metro Cinema

Wednesday September 11, 7 pm — Metro Cinema at The Garneau: 8712 109 Street

Be a part of Latitude 53's first Metro movie night on Wednesday, 11 September with our showing of Waste Land. Director Lucy Walker's documentary follows the journey of visual artist Vik Muniz as he travels to the world's largest garbage dump in Rio de Janeiro. There he photographs an eclectic band of “catadores”—self-designated garbage pickers of recyclable materials. With the help of the communities that work within the dump, Muniz creates inspiring portraits of the catadores using art to change their social landscapes.

Waste Land shows us how artists find ideas and concepts for their work from the most unlikely sources and it demonstrates the power of art to spark curiosity and cultural awareness in even the poorest, most underprivileged people.

For more information about Waste Land visit

In Your Face: Visualeyez Patio party with The 124 Street Grand Market

Sunday September 15, 4–9 pm

To celelbrate Visualeyez, Latitude 53 will open its patio for one last evening as summer slips away. Join us, with selected vendors from the 124 St. Grand Market, for food and drink, company and conversation, and performances to be announced!

Art Party

Megan Morman

July 25–August 31 in the Main Space

Opening Reception: at the Patio, July 25 from 5–9

In life-size, candy-coloured portraits made from fusible plastic beads, artist Megan Morman creates fan-fiction for some of Canada’s well-known queer artists—and their cats—what if they all were at a party? Arty Party builds artist Megan Morman’s previous work with craft-based portraits: here the images are constructed in bright colours based on pixelated photographs, arranged in tableaux to suggest cheeky interaction between them. What does it mean when curator Anthea Black holds up two fingers like that?

Sydney Lancaster and Marian Switzer

July 25–August 31 in the ProjEx Room

Opening Reception: at the Patio, July 25 from 5–9

Locally-based artists Marian Switzer and Sydney Lancaster got a rare chance to visit Edmonton’s infamous York Hotel shortly before its demolition in 2012. Their collaboration begins with the photographic documentation of the space: a storied building with a central place in the history of Edmonton’s boom-and-bust East downtown. As the ground where the York once stood is claimed in the name of new revitalization projects by the city, their images of pale patches of wall where pictures once hung, stained carpets, childrens’ stickers on bathroom mirrors, and abandoned belongings are testament to the ways that the rooms of the York were “home” at least for a while.


June 11–August 24 in the Community Gallery

Artist talks: weekly at The Patio

During the summer, Latitude 53's Community Gallery is filled with the work of eleven local artists—bringing projects in progress, straight from the studio, for one week shows alongside the Patio. Incubator is Edmonton's best opportunity to discover the great artists working in the city, with artist talks each week at the Patio (Thursdays, 5–9, and Friday June 21), as well as updates and video interviews on the Latitude 53 blog.

This year, Incubator includes artists Sara McKarney, Borys Tarasenko, Brenda Draney, Meagan Rose Mehler, Allyson McIntyre, April Dean, Ryan Wolters, and more. Incubator is sponsored by The Common, host of the official afterparty for Patio.

Dates Incubator Artist
June 11–15 Sara McKarney
June 18–22 Borys Tarasenko
June 25–29 Josh Holinaty
July 2–6 Dave Maier
July 9–13 Brenda Draney
July 16–20 Pieter de Vos
July 23–27 Meagan Rose Mehler
July 30–August 3 Allyson McIntyre
August 6–10 April Dean
August 13–17 Ryan Wolters
August 20–24 Chelsea Boos

View posts about Incubator on the Latitude 53 blog

Kyle Whitehead: Circles of Confusion

Kyle Whitehead

June 13–July 20 in the ProjEx Room

Opening Reception: Thursday June 13, at the Patio 5–9

Calgary-based artist Kyle Whitehead's Circles of Confusion is a loop of loops. Using super-8 film, light sensors, and sine-wave oscillators, Whitehead's installation is a machine for transforming between light and sound. This generative relationship suggests that these media are more than complimentary. Whitehead will be the second artist to exhibit in Latitude 53's new ProjEx Room.

Megan Dickie: Flips Folly

Tussle with The Tangler, courtesy of Megan Dickie

In the Main Space May 24–July 13, 2013

Opening Reception: Friday May 24 at 8:00 pm

Artist Talk: Friday May 24 at 7:00 pm

Victoria-based artist Megan Dickie’s installation makes the lofty world of intellectual breakthrough into a slapstick comedy. A series of sculptures, representative of the complex worlds of architecture and mathematics, are presented as props that invite comic interaction from the viewer through touch and movement. While the creative process behind the sculptures embodies thought and intellectualism, viewers are free to touch and interact with them, breaking down the divide between physical and mental states, ignoring reason in favour of amusement.

Presented with the support of Emery Jamieson, LLP.

Read the essay about Flips Folly by Christine Walde.

View posts about Megan Dickie on the Latitude 53 Blog.

Performing Research/Practicing Performance: student performances

Photograph by Michael Woolley

Friday June 14, 7:30-10 pm


This special performance event is being organized in conjunction with Performing Research/Practicing Performance, a special “practice/theory” Spring Session course funded by the Kule Institute for Advanced Study and hosted by the Department of Art and Design at the University of Alberta. In this course students examined performance art from theoretical, historical, and practical perspectives. They developed an understanding of performance as critical cultural practice that interrogates connections between time, action, space, and the body. As well as ongoing course work, the students participated in master classes with interdisciplinary performance artists and curators, learning to both write about and do performance art in an expanded context. These performances are the culmination of their course.

Photograph by Michael Woolley.

Supported by Kule Institute for Advanced Study.

Resophonic City – Mark Templeton & Nicola Ratti, with Leanne Olson

Resophonic City – Edmonton recording site, courtesy of Mark Templeton

In the ProjEx Room May 14–June 8, 2013

Opening Reception: Friday May 24 at 8:00 pm

An audiovisual collaboration by Edmonton’s Mark Templeton and Italy’s Nicola Ratti, with images by Leanne Olson, will be the first artwork to fill the new, dramatically larger ProjEx Room in Latitude 53’s new downtown gallery space. Their exploration of urban spaces in Edmonton and Milan through sound and photography is the perfect fit to open the new Latitude 53—an incredible new gallery in the heart of downtown Edmonton.

Read more about Resophonic City.

View posts about Resophonic City on the Latitude 53 Blog.

Hardcopy: Edmonton's Artist Book and Zine Fair


June 8–9 2013 at Latitude 53

Fair: 11 am–5 pm

Panel discussion and party: Saturday June 8 at 7 pm

Workshops at SNAP: Sunday June 9 at 11 am and 2 pm

Jeffrey Klassen, Sergio Serrano, Jill Stanton, PrairieSeen (Tori McNish & Chelsey Van Weerden), Kimberley Bewick, Molly Brierley, Karen Campos, Shannon Lyons, Laura Ritchie, Matt Prins, Caitlin Richards, Bob Prodor, Sara Norquay, Zine-Age Angst, Matthew McGuigan, Marker (Brnesh Berhe), Blair Brennan, Ryan Wolters, Megan Stein, Nanette Samol & Foundmonton and Devon Beggs

Zine fairs exist all over the world as a way to help the public encounter the diversity of publications that often fall outside the scope of mainstream venues. Events like these showcase a host of innovative approaches being explored by artists and writers, and gives these alternative projects a voice. For artists and writers working within the community of small and/or independent presses, book guilds, and artist run centers, zine fairs offer rich opportunities for connection and collaboration. In response to an absence of book and zine fairs in Alberta, Hardcopy was formed.

Scheduled for June 8th and 9th at Latitude 53, this event will bring together more than 25 of Edmonton’s own artist book and zine makers for a show and sale that offers a community based platform for artists to come together, collaborate, sell their works while also providing an exhibition space which will showcase a diversity of practices. In addition, we will be hosting a panel discussion and mixer on the Saturday and workshops on the Sunday.

Find out more about the event at

i see you pan

Renée Perrott

Video work from the University of Alberta department of intermedia, curated by Brad Necyk

In the Community Gallery, May 22–30

This generation of university student’s immersion in visual, technological and social medias is so pervasive it is becoming increasingly impossible for them to separate it from their artistic practice. With the technology often within their pockets and computers preloaded with editing software, experimentation and exploration has never been so easy and so fluid. While video art and film have a long history, these students have seized the medium and are beginning to push it into new expressive and critical realms, often leaving it raw and exposed. This exhibition marks a sample of the larger, growing body of video work being produced around the university.

With Kyle Terrence, Deanna Bains, Matthew Clarke, Alyson Davies, Sam Van Egteren, Shannon Fidler, Haylee Fortin, Mika Haykowsky, Nil Lasquety, Cayley Lux, Brad Necyk, Anna Parker, Michelle Paterok, Renée Perrott, Tiffany Robertson, Jonathan Sherrer, Emilie St. Hilaire and Maria Whiteman.

Public performances by Marilyn Arsem and Paul Couillard

Marilyn Arsem, earth and oranges

Join us for these two performances by visiting artists: Boston-based Marilyn Arsem (19 May 2–8 pm), and Toronto's Paul Couillard (June 5).

Marilyn Arsem, 19 May, 2–8 pm

Marilyn Arsem has been creating live events since 1975, ranging from solo performances to large-scale interactive works incorporating installation and performance. She has presented her work at festivals, conferences, alternative spaces, galleries, museums and universities in 27 countries throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North and South America. She is a full-time faculty member at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, where she teaches performance art, and is a graduate advisor. She is also a member of Mobius, Inc., an interdisciplinary collaborative of artists who operate a gallery in Cambridge, MA, which she founded in 1977.

In the past fifteen years, Arsem has focused on creating works in response to specific sites, engaging with the immediate landscape and materiality of the location, its history, use or politics. Sites have included a former Cold War missile base in the United States, a 15th century Turkish bath in Macedonia, an aluminum factory in Argentina, and the site of the Spanish landing in the Philippines.

Image: "earth and oranges", durational performance by Marilyn Arsem at the Fem_12 International Festival of Performance, Girona, Spain in December 2012. Photo by Ana Rita Rodrigues.

Paul Couillard, Caution Prosthetic #2

Paul Couillard: Edmonton Prosthetic

Wednesday June 5 at 7:30 pm - CANCELLED

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Paul Couillard is unable to travel to Edmonton for this performance.

Paul Couillard has been working as an artist, curator, and cultural theorist since 1985, focusing on performance art with forays into installation and various new media. He has created more than 200 solo and collaborative performance works in 22 countries, often working with his partner Ed Johnson. His work seeks to build community and address trauma through explorations of our bodies as vessels of sensation, experience, knowledge and spirit. He has a particular interest in considering the shared borders of our separate existences, searching for a language that can convey complex layers of personal history and cultural specificity while questioning the notion of shared or universal experience. His solo practice is often focused on duration and the effects of time.

Couillard was the Performance Art Curator for Fado from its inception in 1993 until 2007, and is also a founding co-curator of Toronto's 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art. He is the editor of Fado’s Canadian Performance Art Legends, a series of books on senior Canadian performance artists, including La Dragu: the Living Art of Margaret Dragu (2002) and Ironic to Iconic: the Performance Works of Tanya Mars (2008). Alain-Martin Richard: Performances, manœuvres et autres hypothèses de disparition / Performances, Manoeuvres and Other Hypotheses for Disappearing (a bilingual book co-edited with French editor Alexandra Liva), will be published this summer by Fado Performance Inc, Les Causes perdues in© and Sagamie. Couillard has been a lecturer at McMaster University and the University of Toronto Scarborough, and is currently a doctoral student in the York/Ryerson Joint Graduate Program in Communication and Culture. His research is focused on a theoretical recuperation of the notion of presence as an ongoing process of emergence or becoming.


Image: “Caution Prosthetic #2.” Golden Thread Gallery, Northern Ireland, 2012. Photo: Jean-Claude Côté.

Sponsored by The KULE Institute for Advanced Study at the University of Alberta, and presented in collaboration with the Department of Art & Design.

Latitude 53 celebrates winter

This winter Latitude 53 marks the season with on and off-site programming: a night of skating, a series of winter-themed performance salons, and the famous Parka Patio. Find out more at

Latitude 53 is moving

Visitors in the gallery

This spring, find us next door at 10242 106 Street

Big news: we’ve been busy over the last month finalizing our plans to begin our 40th anniversary year by opening a new gallery. Just steps away from the current location the new Latitude 53 will offer a new, larger gallery space, and improved accessibility and visibility at a new street-level address.

We’ll be celebrating the last ten years, here at the Old Creamery Building, with our last event, The Fine Art of Schmoozy on November 24. But we’re already looking forward to next year. The new space will open this May, sharing exciting contemporary art from across Alberta, across Canada, and beyond. At the same time, the new, expanded Community gallery right at street level will showcase new collaborations between artists and community groups in Edmonton.

The new space is over 5500 square feet, and offers street-level, barrier-free access for all Edmontonians. It’s the perfect time to get involved with Latitude 53 to help build the new space—from the galleries to a new patio for next year’s summer series. As Edmonton’s oldest and largest artist-run centre we rely on a membership of art-lovers and artists who support our programming and operational costs. Membership and donations reduce our reliance on government grants, so we can create a new, stable space for contemporary art in Alberta.

View posts about the upcoming move on the Latitude 53 blog.

Future So Bright – Boyle Street Education Centre with Tim Folkmann

Until April 29

Cam Machuk, Clifton Lewis, Dylan Delorme, Kiteara Stanford, Kris Wanderingspirit, Terri Strawberry and Wesley Osecap. Art Teacher: Donna Pinkard. With Award winning film and video artist Tim Folkmann.

These photographs are the end result of a month-long photo/video workshop where students worked with artistic techniques and technology to create innovative photographic works. Supported by the Edmonton Arts Council Community Arts Program and the City of Edmonton.

Part of Latitude 53's community gallery programming, supported by Capital Power.

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