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MS-Kingstone-small.jpgPeter Kingstone
100 Stories about my Grandmother

January 9- February 14 2009 in the Main Space

A comment on prostitution; Peter Kingstone displays the stories of men he has interviewed in a video installtion. He asks them all about their grandmothers and the memories they have about them then displays their narratives out for all to see and listen to. He shows that these men could be any man; everyone has memories about their grandmother.

PR-Montgomery-small.jpgSean Montgomery
Crooked Head

January 9 - February 14, 2009 in the ProjEx Room

"The body of work I have recently produced focused on issues of gender, specifically representation of masculinity.” Montgomery’s paintings challenge the view of men, patriarchy, and macho-ism. He is trying to expose questions, challenges and myths that have to do with masculinity.

MS-Cummings-small.jpgRobyn Cummings
Lady Things

March 6 - April 4 2009 in the Main Space

Displaying overt femininity in the foreground of her photographs, Cummings comments on roles and anxieties in the staged photos. Two separate pieces were shown as a part of one exhibition: Lady Things and Oh, Mother. “’Lady Things’ are anonymous and idiosyncratic, romantic and riciulous, tarted up and hopeful, aging and scared.”( –Heather Zwicker). Powerful displays of not only women but “mothers” challenges the stereotypes of what we perceive to be female.

PR-McKay-small.jpgScott McKay
A Countless Dream

March 6 - April 4 2009 in the ProjEx Room

This work is an exploration of memories, thoughts and observations of daily activities. Though delicate and thoughtful textile collages of found images, threads of memories become constructions of sadness, disappointments, hurt feelings and grief, stitched together with wit, humor and love.

MS-Sasaki-small.jpgJon Sasaki
Some Abashed Optimism

April 17 - May 16, 2009 in the Main Space

“Jon Sasaki makes art about futility- things that go nowhere- but still go somewhere.” (Jonathan Busch)
An installation of short videos shows Sasaki challenging the humor and patience of the audience and he performs mundane and strange tasks. He is not only speaking about the tired-ness of art but also challenging the tired-ness and unexpected attitude towards each piece, letting himself be surprised and observant to the outcome.

PR-Koleric-small.jpgAdrien Koleric

April 17 - May 16, 2009 in the ProjEx Room

Twelve AT-AT platforms (a Star Wars character) are the main aspect of Koleric’s installation. He is interested in how this and other popular culture icons have influences architecture and design.

MS-Vocat-small.jpgDaryl Vocat
The Secret of the Midnight Shadow

June 5 - July 11, 2009 in the Main Space

Life-sized cut- out illustrations inspired by Scouts handbooks and manuals are presented in the gallery as a surreal forest storybook. Young boys are the characters as they explore the rest of the environment created in perculiar scenarios. Vocat created a series of screenprints for the exhibition, as well, that contain a sexual undertone as the same boyish figures interact with one another.

PR-Holst-small.jpgDana Holst

June 5 - July 11, 2009 in the ProjEx Room

Prey explores the psychological instinct of humans to stalk and kill weaker beings—both for survival and fun. It is a look at the need to act out/ on these primal urges, filtered through a sanitized world of industrial and computer prowess where human hunters use technology against animals – to often unfair advantages. Dana’s paintings and drawings are created using found photographs of hunters posing with their trophy kills and of little girls in dance costumes.”

Thomas Kneubühler

Trespass Act

August 7–September 5, 2009 in the Main Space

North America is preoccupied with security, and embraces the idea of private property, unlike most European countries, where natural resources are accessible to everyone even when privately owned. TRESPASS ACT includes outdoor installations showing a series of security guards, raising the issue of surveillance in public space, and a gallery exhibition of industrial zones and office buildings deserted at night time. The viewer can peek through the windows and becomes a trespasser, watched by security cameras and guards.

Read more about Tresspass Act

Opening Reception August 7th, 8pm
Artist Talk August 7th, 7pm
Tour the outdoor works with the artist, August 8th, 1 pm

Trespass Act includes outdoor photographic installations around downtown Edmonton: Map of locations

J. Stanton

Art Paraphernalia for a Modern World

August 7–September 5, 2009 in the ProjEx Room

At J. STANTON, INC., one can purchase their very own art objects, each with various degrees of usefulness and artistic worth. Stanton's store brings the shopping experience into the gallery itself, an action which investigates the roles of art and the gallery in society as emblems of aesthetics, design, lust, desire, and wants, apparent needs, and consumer habits. Our lives revolve around the purchasing of goods and services; art takes on this role.

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Visualeyez 2009: Canada's Annual Performance Art Festival, September 16–21

This year, Latitude 53 is pleased to announce that the tenth annual edition of Visualeyez will take place over 6 days in September, including events during Alberta Arts Days, with a curatorial focus upon Water. The festival is curated by Todd Janes with writing and animation by Lori Weidenhammer (British Colombia), and will to present ten artists from Canada and beyond, including Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa (Vancouver, BC/Guatamala), Megan Morman (Saskatoon, SK), Michael Fernandes (East Dover, NS), Rita Kamacho (Toronto, ON/Mexico), T.L. Cowan (Edmonton, AB), Jason Fielding (Edmonton, AB), IdeaAssassins (Edmonton, AB) and Reona Brass (Regina, SK).

Visit the Visualeyez 2009 website

Chris Reid – Dazed & Amused

25 September–24 October 2009 in the Main Gallery

Artist Talk Friday 25 September, 7:00 PM
Opening Reception Friday 25 September, 8:00 PM
Bunny-Making Workshop Saturday 26 September, 1:00 PM

Manitoban artist Chris Reid’s Dazed & Amused is filled with images of bunnies, cats, planes, screaming toast and buildings on chicken legs. She places these characters in situations that she lives through or observes through her career in social work or on television, steeped in a background of feminism. Her images are absurd, fantastical and at times dark; innocent bunnies with sharp-toothed mouths and churches walking on chicken legs.

“My work is directed by a need to self-comfort. It is a metaphor for anxiety, obsessive thought and coping. It is about the desire to belong, the frustration and disappointment of having ideals mangled and the not-necessarily-logical need to meet family obligations and expectations. At the same time it is satirical and cynical it is playful, colourful and deceptively inviting.”

Read more about Dazed & Amused

Kristen Hutchinson

Kristen Hutchinson – From Sky to Ground: Fragmented Landscapes

25 September–24 October in the ProjEx Room

Opening Reception Friday 25 September, 8:00 PM

Culled from strips of National Geographic photographs, From Sky to Ground: Fragmented Landscapes is a series of 320 collages that deconstruct and combine many environments to create newly abstracted landscapes. From the opening night onwards, the collages will be sold individually. Viewers will immediately retrieve the landscapes they have just purchased and place a small red dot within the empty space. Through this process, viewers/owners become actively engaged in further fragmenting and eroding the installation.

Read more about From Sky to Ground: Fragmented Landscapes

Keith Murray

Keith Murray – And the People Bowed and Prayed

6–28 November in the Main Space

Artist Talk & Opening Reception Friday 6 November, 7:00 PM
Our Lady of Contemporary Art will be conducting an informative talk about the practice of Mr. and Mrs. Keith Murray at 7:00 pm, followed by a reception at 8:00.

Calgary artist Mr. & Mrs. Keith Murray’s glow-in-the-dark installation is a shrine to hundreds of deities and their multitudinous identities. As in his brightly-coloured video work, including a worshipful video of a trans Dolly Parton performing, Murray explores queer interpretations of post-Christian spiritiualities. Amongst the intense bright-on-black light and colour, Murray is working towards an ideal unity of masculine and feminine.

Read more about And The People Bowed And Prayed

Shane Golby

Shane Golby – Signs of Desire

6–28 November in the ProjEx Room

Opening Reception: Friday 6 November, 8:00 PM

Illicit Illustrations Word & Image workshop with the artist: Saturday 28 November, 1:00 PM (more info)

This collection of mixed-media works focuses on personal emotional and social experience as both insider and outsider in contemporary North American society. Rooted in Golby’s coming-out narrative, and drawing inspiration from the gay-marriage debate, the works tell stories of discrimination, censorship, poverty and hidden longings. Golby explores his own positions: as a single and closeted or openly gay man, and as foreign traveller or returning local.

Read more about Signs of Desire

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