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Sonic CubesSonic Cubes
Catherine Bechard and Sabin Hudon

January 11–February 9, 2008 in the Main Space

Six plain wooden boxes on metal pedestals are the only things in the gallery. The boxes are experinces in themselves. Each box has one opening on each of its sides that emits a different sound once turned and held up to your ear. “There is no sequence to the sounds and you can stop or start the sounds. You can communicate with others in the room by moving.” (Catherine Bechard)

PR-Christensen-small.jpgMegann Christensen
Land Re:Production

January 11–February 9, 2008 in the ProjEx Room

In her artwork, Christensen uses recognizable and mysterious imagery. Many of her pieces depict forms that reference the human body and other organisms, juxtaposed against images of scince, industry, and modern technology and the body, identity and self-representation, and more recently surveillance, globalization and the culture of capitalism.
Working from memory, personal photographs and collected images, Christensen creates a collage effect, where each element of the painting has its own origins and exists in its own layer.

MS-carson-small.jpgC.W Carson
Stories from the Inner City

February 22 - March 22, 2008 in the Main Space

C.W Carson collects, records, and fills his pockets with the detritus of a lost civilization. He accumulates images and stories, deals with crime and grime and explores the underbelly of Edmonton: the disenfranchised; the dispossessed; and the growing number of people who fall through the cracks. Carson is an inner city artist with a trap line revealing the natural world found within this community.

PR-Wiebe-small.jpgStephen Wiebe

February 22 - March 22, 2008 in the ProjEx Room

Stephen Weibe utilizes broken plywood to reveal the fragmentation and incompleteness of our memories-the blurring and losses that occur over time. As individuals, we employ to write our own narrative in ways by which we perceive and understand ourselves as delicate creations formed by important and mundane events, some of which are experienced through photographs, stories or myhs. Antecedents situates Wiebe’s personal narrative visually, although not constrained by truth.

Sibayan-small.jpgJudy Freya Sibayan
My Life as a Museum

March 8 - 14, 2008 in the Community Gallery

During this week, Judy Freya Sibayan, the internationally renowned performance artist, had workshops, lectures, and performances throughout Edmonton, with a final reception at Latitude 53.

The work features archival boxes dedicated to eleven diverse Alberta artists at different stages in their careers. You are invited to fill the boxes by bringing objects or documents that are significant to the careers of an artists listed below. This activity is meant to reveal both the ways in which institutions share artistic careers and how artistic memories are created. The different kinds of archives produced will create points of comparison and contrast.

Artists archived: Richard Boulet, Blair Brennen, Catherine Burgess, C.W Carson, Liz Ingram, Elenor Lazare, Tanya Lukin-Linklater, Agneszka Matejko, Holly Newman, Esther cott, Linda Turnbull.

MS-Cheung-small.jpgJudy Cheung
Mind of a City

June 3 - July 12 in the Main Space

As a participatory installation, “Mind of a City” reflects with humor the psychological effects of urbanism. His project employs a nurturing philosophy by reconstructing a skill enhancement program designed for urbanites; specifically those who are in a state of flux, feeling lost and uncertain. As an assimilation of intellectual, social, and special/functional consciousness, the project references a society fraught with repression, anxiety and stress.

PR-Corissa-small.jpgCorissa O'Donnell

June 3 - July 12 in the ProjEx Room

A longing for the old days and a throwback to the Pin-Ups of yesterday, O’Donnell’s spin on the classic nude captures the beauty of the average girl and the feminine nature of a timeless muse. Over 120 black and white drawings are contrasted against bright backgrounds of vintage wallpaper and lace, encompassing modern day trends such as the Burlesque revival, tattoo culture and vintage collecting.

MS-RockCity-small.jpgRock City/ Dirt City
Raymond Biesinger, Penny Jo Buckner, Blair Brennan, Paul James Coutts, Fish Griwkowsky, Andrea Lefebvre

August 16- September 6, 2008 in the Main Space

Exploring how visual imagery connects to the music scene in Edmonton, and how music is relational to the relational to the evolution of visual culture, or specifically how that connects to a thread of thoughts around the Alberta political and economic scene of what I refer to as the frontier mentality- we do not need support from others, nor outside gratification/ legitimacy and that projects, collaborations will evolve over time and develop.

Rock City/ Dirt City showcases work of artists that are both visual and musical and illustrates relationships between artists and music, music and communities, and the efforts of artists working towards a larger body of work over an extended period of time and how Edmonton (dirt city) plays a role within that context. .

MS-Haxhillari-small.jpgFlutura & Besnik Haxhillari
Design for a Dialogue

September 20 - October 18, 2008 in the Main Space

For the last ten years Flutura and Besnik Haxhillari have been in permanent migration, allowing them to embody the legendary figure of travel, “Gulliver.”

Through realizing (transparent) objects, paintings, photographs and actions and intertwining them with video projections (called nonfilmperformance) they explore the different levels of Dialogue: between them, between body and image, between individuals, cultures and ideas, and try to construct a universe of images where others can find a piece of themselves.

PR-Miller-small.jpgRebekah Miller
Building My House

September 20 - October 18, 2008 in the ProjEx Room

The house stands as something more than a containing structure. It has lived within the walls of the psyche for as long as the human consciousness has extended, representing a unique space of repose and reverie for each individual. The house encloses us in our most comfortable and vunerable moments, in our waking and dreaming states. In each of us there in an essential oneric or dream house and the memory of home acts as a point of departure by which the dreamer continues to build his or her “dream house”.

MS-Yung-small.jpgWayne Yung
1000 Flowers

October 24 - November 22, 2008 in the Main Space

There’s a Chinese poetic saying “Let a hundred flowers bloom, let the hundred schools of thought contend.” This inspired a Chinese Communist movement in 1956/57, the Hundred Flowers Campaign. The exhibition for Latitude 53 will be video installtion and single channel video focusing upon identity (both I terms of sexuality and race and otherness), desire; and fantasy. Wayne Yung was born in Edmonton in 1971 to a Chinese immigrant family. He has lived in Vancouver, Hong Kong, Berlin, and Hamburg, and Is currently based in Cologne. As a writer, performer and video artist, he has explored issues of race and identity from a queer Chinese-Canadian perspective.

PR-McEwen-small.jpgTravis McEwen
I Bet They Can Tell Just By Looking

October 24 - November 22, 2008 in the ProjEx Room

This body of work is inspired by the simple- and complex- question “When did you first realize you were different?” That moment was articulated in preschool, when a classmate stated that playing dress up wasn’t something that boys did.

McEwen fist explored this experience through watercolor portraits of awkward-looking children and now through larger oil paintings. McEwen’s work extends his interest in gender and sexuality to a consideration of exclusion and difference, n=and the common human experience of people feeling separate or unable to relate to their peers and social groups beyond surface interactions.

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