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MS-Edwards-small.jpgS.B Edwards
I love the shitty

January 12 - February 10, 2007 in the Main Space

Over the past ten years, S.B Edwards has lived, traveled, and worked in different countries, within towns and cities. These various locations and people have become the scenes and characters in a kind of informal documentary. I love the shitty (a word play on city and flawed techniques) is a part of an ongoing series that attempts to reflect and pin down vast notions of intimacy, excitement, and poignancy which stay with a person long after they have moved on. The work addresses fow details of experiences are transformed, some becoming saturated, while others blur and even meld into other memories.

PR-Fisher-small.jpgStephen Fisher
No (such) Place

January 12 - February 10, 2007 in the ProjEx Room

Stephen Fisher’s echibition No (such) Place consists of a large wall painting accompanied by six medium works on paper.The graphic source material for Fisher’s work includes the subject matter of geological diagrams found in science texts, and the styles of comic book drawings from the science fiction and fantasy genres. By forcing together these genres of illustration within the context of visual art, Fisher generates a cognitive estrangement among the three categories that is both entertaining and critically enlightening.

MS-Cantine-small.jpgDavid Cantine
Black and White Thinking

February 16 - March 17, 2007 in the Main Space

Latitude 53 is pleased to present drawings from renown painter David Cantine. Drawing from every day exzperience and physical spaces, these memory sketches afford the artist to experiment with the implications of his drawings and navigate through what is there, and what is possible.

PR-Danchuk-small.jpgNatalie Danchuk
Here They Are

February 16 - March 17, 2007 in the Projex Room

“The study of portraiture is concerned with capturing an emotional likeness, expressing both the sitter’s state of mind as well as my emotional connection to them. The people I have chosen to paint are both close to me and struggling with similar life circumstances; that is: just trying to survive in this fucked up world! These underlying emotional concepts have been realized in a formerly concise and compositionally stripped-down manner to accentuate the solidarity of each person’s situation.” –Natalie Danchuk

MS-Elvira-small.jpgElvira Santamaria

March 29 - April 1, 2007 in the Main Space

From March 29 to April 01, 2007, Latitude 53 Contemporary Visual Culture is proud to introduce Edmonton-area audiences to the work of renowned Mexican artist Elvira Santamaria. Drop by Latitude 53 at 10248 – 106 Street to visit the artist as she creates a new piece in situ, working with the concept of "rhythm and time." For this project, Santamaria begins with the minimal idea of installing herself in a gallery space. Engaged in a sensitive process of daily response, Santamaria will create a progressive series of actions, images and objects that speak to immediate conditions.

MS-CandyMountain-small.jpgCandy Mountain
Mindy Yan Miller, Catherine Bodmer, Susie Major

June 14 - July 14, 2007 in the Main Space

Latitude 53 is pleased to present an installation of abundance and consumption from Mindy Yan Miller, photographs of rapture and boredom from Catherine Bodmer, and procrastination drawings from Susie Major. Three artists, whose work starts with the vulgar and banal matters of the here and now, use their licence to flip the everyday and recast it as fantastic, as Candy Mountain, from the hobo’s song of paradise, and other more archaic legends of plenty, invokes the irrational impulse of the imagination to invert lack and reproduce it as abundance: to make something from nothing.

PR-Ania-small.jpgAnia Trzecieski
The Valley of Search

June 14 - July 14, 2007 in the ProjEx Room

Latitude 53 is pleased to present photographs fom Ania Trzecieski. Trzecieski presents the viewer with images of evolution and metamorphizing human form. This evolving body of work explores a liminal state of being and a trek for awareness and knowledge.

MS-CrashPad-small.jpgEdmonton Crash Pad
Curated by Sheri Barclay
Artists: Ashley Andel, Sheri Barclay. Karen Chow, Fish Griwkowsky, Andrea Pinheiro, Travis Sargent, Amelia Schultz- McPherson, Josh Styles, Aron Taylor, Gillian Willians, Will Zimmerman, and Special Guests.

August 10 - September 8, 2007 in the Main Space

An openly curated show following the model of “Make it not suck”.

PR-MorningLight-small.jpgMorning Light
Tim Rechner and Craig Talbot

August 10 - September 8, 2007 in the ProjEx Room

Throughout the month of August, Rechner and Talbot will work collaboratively, building an intricate nd energized installation from four blank gallery walls. Both artists will be in the gallery working on the piece nearly everyday that the exhibit is open. The collaborative process of making the piece Is the backbone of the piece itself, and the process will be documented by filmmaker, Aaron Munson. The closing reception will celebrate the finished piece, with Munson’s video projected on the wall, accompanied with an audio performance by Chris Zaytsoff.

Jeremy Drummond
Everybody Knows This is Nowhere

September 28 – October 27, 2007 in the Main Space

Jeremy Drummond’s work deals with the relationship between people and their environment, on both an intimate level and on a grand scale. In Everybody Knows this is Nowhere, factual documents serve as a point of departure in the investigation of perception and representation within contemporary suburban environments. Through painted works, sound, video and photography, Drummond blends cultural and visual information to reveal humor, irony and diversity within the homogenized environment.

PR-Rhein-small.jpgJoel Rhein
Modern Life

September 28 - October 27, 2007 in the ProjEx Room

The paintings of Joel Rhein attempt to create a cultural inventory of memory-based images of the many disappearing buildings in Edmonton. While one may regard these buildings as nothing special, Rhein argues that these buildings represent and exciting period of transition. North America is increasingly becoming a society based on disposability and mass consumerism. As a result, remainders of our history are rapidly disappearing in favor of the newer and shiner. This collection of paintings records the disappearing subject matter. It attempts to record and increase awareness of North America’s history in the belief that all people have the right to their cultural memory.

MS-QueerTerritories-small.jpgQueer Territories
Curated by Todd Janes
Artists: Lane Robert Mandlis, Amber Hawk Swanson, Johannes Zits

November 9 - December 1, 2007 in the Main Space

This exhibition plays with the frontier culture/mentality of Alberta and examines what might be considered on the edges of queer territory in popular culture. What are the areas that we can still identify as ‘queer territory’ or have they all been colonized by consumerism? The exhibition focuses upon three artists: Lane Mandalis, a transsexual (FTM) that explores identity constructions and gender realignment; Amber Hawk Swanson, an interdisciplinary artist with Amber Doll (a life-like sex doll created to be almost identical to Swanson) that is ascribed the role of slave to Swanson’s master; and Johannes Zits, whose video and photo- based work push the boundaries of genderized consumer culture and desire.

PR-Alphabet-small.jpgAlphabet Boys
Words by Emma Hooper, Pictures by Jeff Kulak

November 9 - December 1, 2007 in the ProjEx Room

Alphabet Boys is a collaboration of Jeff Kulak as illustrator and visual artist and Emma Hooper as poet. This blending of mediums between theses friends and collaborators as Kulak creates visual to accompany Hooper’s 26 diverse poems about boys and men she has met, loved, and encountered.

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