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MS-Biesinger-small.jpgRaymond Biesinger
Two Tones Are Better Than One/ Night Danger

January 12- February 4, 2006 in the Main Space

Biesinger is a local illustrator and artist who will feature his first solo exhibition of an eclectic and designer focused two-dimensional work. As an illustrator, Biesinger has been published in almost every publication in Canada from Saturday Night to The Walrus. He is emerging into the national seen with a very respectable portfolio.

MS-DangerWillRobinson-small.jpg Danger Will Robinson
Curated by Donna Wawzonek
Artists: Garnet Hertz, Peter Flemming, Lynn Richardson Denton Fredrickson.

February 17 - March 18, 2006 in the Main Space

The Artists in this exhibition engage in kinetic sculpture, electronic art and investigations into human and organic interaction with technology and viewers’ interactions with art. The show is a collection of works that investigate contemporary and historical relationships between technology and the natural world, implicating the viewer by having them activate the art. Instead of implied danger of robotics to humans, specifically the visitors to the gallery, it is somewhat of a trajectory of the relationship we have had and continue to have with technology. And some of it is scary.

Curated by: Todd Janes
Artists: E. Ross Bradley, C.W. Carsen, Mark Freeman, Ted Karr,Istvan, Luppino, Candace Makowichuk, Jason B., Syminton, Jill Watamaniuk, Margaret Witschl, Yarko Yopyk

April 7 - May 13, 2006 in the Main Space

(No Info)

Nisbet-small.jpg Nancy Nisbit

May 6, 2008 2-5 pm

Nancy Nisbet is a multidisciplinary artist with a practice that weaves connections between the political, the technological and the personal.
Her current artwork, Exchange, has been in development since 2003. Exchange uses cultural resistance to unsettle questionable relationships between international politics, technological surveillance, and identity construction. For this project all of Nancy’s personal belongings are inventoried and marked with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags. Nancy will drive a semi-truck, trading personal items with individuals encountered on her 6-month road trip around North America.

As part of the art project itself, Nancy will consciously place herself outside of the expected private/commercial categories with respect to international border crossings. Her Exchange performances create friction surrounding international trade agreements, surveillance and national security. Participants must reconsider negotiation and exchange based outside of the standard economic model. There is no need for economic parity between traded items. Sharing of personal stories and experiences and the development of community and solidarity are the currency of Exchange.

PR-Lefevbre-small.jpgAndrea E. Lefebvre
A Collection of Paintings Made From the Daytimer of A Very Busy Lady

April 7- May 13, 2006 in the ProjEx Room

Edmonton based Lefebvre is exploring the mundane activity of journal notes and day- timer insertions and takes these notes and created large mixed media portraits of a day in the life of an individual. Both personal and voyeuristic, this work strikes at your inner secrets. Not an overly organized individual, Andrea tries to become more adult-like and grown-up and since she turned 30, she has been keeping daytimers to help organize her life. This is a project that takes those pages and makes them larger than life in many ways. created. The different kinds of archives produced will create points of comparison and contrast.

MS-Khang-small.jpgDavid Khang
Bleeding Book

June 23 - July 22, 2006 in the Main Space

This exhibition has two components: a three-channel video installation and a nine-foot by twelve-foot sculptural pool filled with ink. The video contains performances in which, the artist, holds a raw beef tongue in his mouth as a calligraphic brush, draws simple lines and circles over the empty open space with motor oil. Using tropes of language - writing and speech - to explore issues of violence in, of, and through language. It is also a search for voice more resonant and resilient than rational, articulate speech. This work further explores issues of racism and spirituality.

David Khang completed his BFA from Emily Carr Institute (2000), and MFA with Emphasis in critical Theory at the University of California, Irvine (2004). Khang lives in Vancouver, where he’s a Sessional Faculty at the Emily Carr Institute.

PR-Salzl-small.jpgTammy Salzl

June 23 - July 22, 2006 in the ProjEx Room

This body of work explores how the residual traces of long term relationship serve in defining a person. Contingencies examine notions of identity, gender and ethics caused by the shift in power dynamics of these relationships.

Tammy Salzl is a visual artist who began formal studies at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, and graduated with a BFA from the University of Alberta with a major in painting. She is intrigued by any intimate associations the viewer may have when reading her work, and possible conjuring of their own past contingencies and alternate selves.

Artist Talk: Mark Beasley

July 27, 2006

Mark Beasley is an independent curator, writer and artist based in London. Recent projects include Beasley Street, Camden Arts Centre, The Thinking with John Russell at PS1/MoMA, New York; co-curating the international touring show Electric Earth: Film and Video from Britain, for the British Council and guest curating Infra thin Projects, a series of publications and performance events with Book Works, London. Between 2004-2005 he was the Stanley Picker Research Fellow in Fine Art at Kingston University, London and has contributed articles and essays to numerous exhibition catalogues and journals including Art Monthly and Frieze. Forthcoming projects and publications include Hey Hey Glossolalia Article Press, Birmingham and LOUDSPEAKER: An anthology of spoken word projects, with Matthew Higgs, Book Works and White Columns, New York. He has recently accepted the post of curator at the public arts commissioning agency Creative Time, New York.

MS-Baker-small.jpgTony Baker
The Expanse

August 4 - September 2, 2006 in the Main Space

Tony Baker received his BFA in painting from the University of Alberta and has been practicing in Edmonton for about 10 years. Baker founded his career on numerous shows in the cafes, salons and galleries around Edmonton, and has recently exhibited in the Edmonton Art Gallery with some of the most prominent artists in Edmonton. He is now a member of ArtsHab artist residence, and has gotten representation in Edmonton at the Front Gallery. In early 2006 he received a grant from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts for his project, “The Expanse”, and upon its completion, will be moving to Toronto in the fall.

PR-Beal-small.jpgKyle Beal
Standing Up for Nothing

August 4 - September 2, 2006 in the ProjEx Room

"My practice is concerned principally with contemporary life, the studio, self-expression and failure. In what is primarily an object-based practice, drawing, photography and sculpture are employed in a non-hierarchical way. Questions like what to say, and how to say it, drive the work, though are often left unanswered. Language is put into the service of the image/ object, with word play and irony engaged to disrupt, and complicate what could otherwise be taken literally.
Project Description:
One liners range from the lowest of low form of humour- bad puns and the like, to some of the most inspired jokes and devastating verbal blows. Both contain a similar usage, and economy of language. I would like to develop an exhibition around the ‘one-liner’ as it appears in my work. Economical language (Linguistic and visual) and word play, along with humour is a cornerstone of my practice." -Kyle Beal

MS-Prior-small.jpgJames Prior
Family Fable: Masculine Interpretations in a post- Feminist Eras

September 15 - October 14, 2006 in the Main Space

This Exhibition will include My Little Big Man, 2003, select works from James Prior and Pom Pom: Hearts Beat as One, 2002, and works never before exhibited from his current body of work in progress Heart Hunter, 2006.
James Prior holds a Bachelor of Arts, in Cultural studies and Photography, from Concordia University, Montreal, QC. He is the recipient of many awards and fellowships from Atlantic Centre for the Arts. In 2005 he completed a residency with National Research and Exhibition Centre for Contemporary Digital Art: Sagamie, Alma, QC.

PR-Harpin-small.jpgRobert Harpin
The Honky Arts Association Presents Robert Harpin

September 15 - October 14, 2006 in the ProjEx Room

Founded in 2006, the Honky Arts Association is an artist collective concerned with the creation of socially conscious work. The installation based work will explore ideas of masculinity, feminism, queer culture, culture roles and subcultures, through the use of signs and symbols in attempt to deconstruct the aesthetic structure of power.
Robert Harpin received a Diploma of Fine Art, in 2004, from Grant MacEwan College. In 2006 he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary. He has participated in many group exhibitions and recently had a solo show at the Marion Nicoll Gallery + 15 Window, Calgary. He is now a resident of Edmonton, Alberta.

Patricia Reed
Estranged Proximities

October 27 - November 25, 2006 in the Main Space

You enter a non-geographically specific space, it could be everywhere or anywhere. In this "non-place", architectural contexts are removed – the room is clinically white and the people are situated in a liminal space: a non-place. Such is the beginning of German-based Patricia Reed’s installation at Latitude 53 where the works attempt to uncover the banal daily choreography of public/social spaces. Using people as characters of a theatre of sorts, unknowing and unstaged, Reed comments upon everyday life as it unfolds and gets re-staged in production in her exhibition Estranged Proximities that brings together a photo series, a single channel video, a new three channel video installation and an on going site specific text work.

This four-component exhibition brings together Polyrhythmy, 2005: an ongoing series of photographs depicting pedestrian activity in open, public thoroughfares; Intermingling Brouhaha, 2005: where a pedestrian is filmed with all the architectural signifiers removed – leaving only the people and the traces left by the moving pedestrians; Transcribing Brouhaha, 2005 an ongoing series of text based, site specific works which manifest as articles in the local newspaper. The final part of the exhibition is a video installation: Waiting in Agitation, 2006 where a public bench was filmed on several occasions where people were filmed and their restless of waiting were fragmented and choreographed and overlaid to create a memory of their activities.

As Edmonton continues its growth explosion the work of Patricia Reed provides thoughtful commentary and observations of expansion, urban growth, population increase and the space between the systems of engagement of Edmonton’s residents

PR-Nicholson-small.jpgTara Nicholson

October 27 - November 25, 2006 in the ProjEx Room

Mimicing the diverse sensory experience of small rooms, impromptu social happenings and familiar landscapes, Commonspace invokes a strong sense of intimacy between self and place.
It examines the sometimes blurry line between public and private space.

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